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EverQuest II: Altar of Malice Collector's Edition Giveaway



  • dezmodiousdezmodious Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Really looking forward to a new playable race. They always bring so much more depth to an already good existing game.
  • mastrmindrmastrmindr Member Posts: 1
    My favorite memory of Everquest is all the wonderful people I met in game.
  • KnaveSkyeKnaveSkye Member UncommonPosts: 137
    I remember back in vanilla when you had to make multiple trips down to Nagafen in LS to finish the prismatic line. Our guild decided to try and get everyone their weapons and I remember making that trip, which was quite dangerous at the time, several times in one day trying to get everyone ready for Darathar. Woe to those who misclicked and fell in the lava =(
  • CisabianCisabian Member UncommonPosts: 5
    dragon hunting is my best memory of the everquest series
  • Team1upTeam1up Member Posts: 1
    When EQ2 was released i was young, i pre ordered the game , went to a LAN center and during the first release day... the servers crashed and went under service. All of us stayed the night at the store and waited until the servers went back up.  I miss those days and i miss EQ2.  Id love to start up again and rekindle all the memories and adventures one again.
  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,713
    Finally finishing the betrayal quest and becoming an Iksar Paladin! Then some time later I met the only other Iksar Paladin on my server. it was grand!

  • Fs_DivineAnakinFs_DivineAnakin Member Posts: 2
    Playing when the game first launched, making my first frog and seeing things for the first time, been thinking about coming back for a while so winning would be awesome!
  • aslan132aslan132 Member UncommonPosts: 609
    My favorite EQ2 moment was meeting my better half. I was a hardcore raider since the beginning of the game, always transferring and staying in a top 10 world guild. But the turnaround rate at the top has always been very high, and you had to keep moving to stay in the best guilds. But 2 years ago, I moved to a guild, and got to talking with one of the main tank healers, and after a few months raiding together, we met IRL, moved in together and are now getting married. All thanks to EQ2. 
  • tbcollintbcollin Member Posts: 1
    Favorite Moment has to be after EoF came out and being part of a great team that was able to work up to and take out Mayong in MMIS and Wuoshi in EH's.  Still think that EoF was the best expansion to come out and still great fun to run through.
  • ZiebaaZiebaa Member UncommonPosts: 17
    My favorite EQ2 moment was when i was starting out as a SK. when my SK hit level 90, i was hearing alot of talk about how the paly was alot better then the SK. so i did the whole betrayal quests and finally became a paly. about 3 months after i betrayed, there was a patch that really hurt the paly's overall play and so, sadly, i did the betrayal AGAIN a stuck with SK. I really cant tell you how much a pain it was to do 2 betrayal quests in such a short amount of time.
  • kjempffkjempff Member RarePosts: 1,705

    I have no expansion favorites, but I couldnt help to chip in with some experiences from launch day+ 3 months....

    Cleansing the server curse by beating T'haen. It was a 20 hour long raid (because it was bugged), and only a handful lived through the final fight.

    Or being the first on server to get the equvalent to epic weapon (prismatic or something?), although the honor lasted only 10 minutes hah - few weeks after launch.

    Or seeing the first dragon in eq2, flying over the newbie island (raid) while clearing, and finally killing the first dragon.

    Hail Rebirth, if any of you lurk out there.

    /Dazedda Everlost (Coercer)

  • TryfaenTryfaen Member UncommonPosts: 2
    I am looking forward to the new tradeskill quests most of all.
  • ZebularZebular Member UncommonPosts: 24
    My favorite thing about EQ2 is the home design and collecting of things to build with and display in your home.

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  • AtadisAtadis Member Posts: 56
    My favorite time with EQ2 was housing, I wasted so much time playing house, and also the facial tracker entertained me for a good while.
  • UursonUurson Member UncommonPosts: 1
    EQ2 is still going strong and I cant wait to be able to get into the new expansion and see how they did. Altar of Malice brings back an old enemy and I am eager to see what they did with her.
  • wildarms2wildarms2 Member UncommonPosts: 80

    curently i own the AOM and just finished the timeline  and got the mount  wow what a hard quest if your  not geared . fav moments  winterfest  frostfel.  best time to craft is  then .  the daily quest u can level to max with almost no troubles  do to the  exp u get for doing the quest + its free mats and   free fuel . so u get   high exp and a  daily item . i have in the past had a level 10 BL   that had his flying skill unlocked 

    i curently have 10 year (11  year reward) vet and  like to see what  there going to do  for  year 11 ( vet 12 ) 

    congrats to who ever wins 

    moo all

  • ItasshaItassha Member UncommonPosts: 5
    My favorite moment was when I had died 10 or so times when there were still corpses left in the world and most of them were inaccessible and a GM logged in and moved them all so that I could get all my xp back.  I also enjoyed doing the betrayal quest to get my dark elf over to Qeynos.  Also doing the epic tradeskill quests on my level 15 adventurer was quite fun.
  • cybert2k2cybert2k2 Member UncommonPosts: 10
    One of the greatest games of all time for me.  My favorite moment was getting my epic 
  • g3hf2xemx2g3hf2xemx2 Member Posts: 1
    New Zone and New Crafting. My favorite experience is the the isle of refuge.
  • ArkhamArkham Member UncommonPosts: 8
    Getting locked up in the Anchor of Bazzul.
  • sharpnsharpn Member Posts: 1

    I am Japanese. I write in English using the Google translation.

    EverQuest 2 is a newcomer that began a year ago, is overwhelmed by the charm of EQ2 and continues even now.

    Anyway it is fun to capture the dungeon with friends!

    Housing be made a house of his tour de force, I was or asked to see your friends.

    And I'm going to enjoy the EverQuest 2 in the future!

  • NovusodNovusod Member UncommonPosts: 912

    The first few months of Ruins of Kunark was my favorite EQ2 experience. There was amazing PvP, interesting questing, contested dugeons, tiered raiding, and eventually gaining the mythical class epic. That was the best part, getting a unique weapon from my class.

    I have been waiting for a repeat of the good old RoK days and epic quests.

  • bingo69bingo69 Member UncommonPosts: 195
    Well, I loved doing all the heritage quest, and now, with lvl 100, it time to bring my beastlord to new height. So hopefully I'll win this :)
  • mangarmangar Member UncommonPosts: 296

    Favorite moment would be the first time we ran Nektropos Castle.  It had been a while since I played a game that required some actual thinking to figure out a dungeon and add to that the great visuals of the zone and you have an instant classic.


    What am I looking forward to the most in the expansion?  Well I am getting my kid his first real gaming rig for the holidays and I really look forward to exploring all of EQ2 with him.  While AoM will not be the first place we explore having the additional player race will be a nice bonus. 

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  • reef22reef22 Member UncommonPosts: 85

    Well, even though I've played quite a few of MMOs, I've never played Ever Quest or Ever Quest II.

    So I don't have a favorite moment to share with everyone.

    It would be great if I could get a copy so I could play it and create some favorite moments.


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