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World of Warcraft: New Male and Female Blood Elf Models Revealed



  • PC_FerretPC_Ferret Member UncommonPosts: 49
    Originally posted by jesteralways
    Originally posted by daltanious
    Originally posted by Jaedor

    I wasn't happy at all with the new models. Yes lots more polygons and much better textures but the faces are generally not the same at all. Glad they added the feature to turn the new models off.

    Exactly. The most advertised feature turned to be total nighmare. Yes, they are high res and if I would have created all my 22 alts from scratch, would not complain. But they have COMPLETELY CHANGED look of EXISTING characters. Now after nearly 10 years I'm looking at total stranges if I leave on new models. 


    So until they repair to this I will use eternaly old models.

    what a lame complain. these guys make billion $ profit every year and all they can give us are pre made models and then people complain about pre made models. what you should be complaining and asking for is enhanced character customization, to create our own character the way we want them to look : ugly, pretty, fat, tall, short, however we modify the looks. but instead we get this.


    Other games without the Blizzard pedigree have body and facial remodeling in their character builders, so the technology is "out there"....

  • KanethKaneth Member RarePosts: 2,284
    I'm happy my belf males will now have proper chins.
  • LoMaX21LoMaX21 Member UncommonPosts: 26
    Originally posted by Nanfoodle
    Originally posted by LoMaX21
    lol all they did was make the female's underwear smaller.... and basically did jack squat to the males cept add nipples

    You have a very bad eye for detail. 

    lol oh I'm sorry i forgot WoW was all about the graphical detail... all they did was try to "sexy" up cartoons and it looks ridiculous

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