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Cross-Platform Play - PC <> XBox360

XtremmoXtremmo Member UncommonPosts: 3


I'm often away from home for long stretches and my 9 year old kid loves to play games on his XBox 360, but doesn't really get on with PC games controls yet. It would be nice to be able to play in an online game together sometimes, with him on his Xbox and me playing from my PC.

I know that in general, this has a tendency not to work out well, because most console games are First Person which is usually much more accurate with a mouse/keyboard... but we really don't need it to be a great experience, we just need it to be a bit of fun that we can do together and share at a distance.

Can anyone suggest some games where people on PC and XBox360 can play together online, that might be suitable for a 9 year old? 



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