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Looking for a new MMO!

krjwkrjw Member Posts: 1

Been looking for something fresh to play, searched up a few popular contenders but suggestions for any other MMOs would be greatly appreciated!

Games I've been considering; TERA, Rift, Guild Wars 2, Aura Kingdom, Final Fantasy Online

I'm looking for a game with a smooth combat system, combos tend be always be a plus. I'd also prefer if it wasn't a Pay2Win game. The story can be mediocre. The player community being a positive one (hopefully). Diverse skill trees would be a huge bonus too. The game MUST have good replayability, I want to stick to a single game for a long time.


A little extra to help narrow the search;

Preferred Genres (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.): Any genre except those involving space.

Pricing Model: Price doesn't really matter.

Eastern or Western: Both.

Combat Type (action, turn-based, tab-target, ect.): Preferred action, but as long as it's smooth, other types are fine too.

Game Type (Sandbox, Themepark, RPG, FPS, RTS, etc.): Sandbox/Themepark preferred, but generally doesn't matter.

Casual/Hardcore: Doesn't matter.

Released or Upcoming: Both, I can play a released until an upcoming comes out.

Games Played: Runescape, Forsaken World, Maplestory, ArcheAge, Mabinogi.

Any preferred features or mechanics?: Smooth combat is a must, a good soundtrack would be nice too. Also if it could have a LOT of end-game content that'd be great.

Graphics: Doesn't have to be one of those super-realistic games, can even be pixelated as long as it's aesthetically pleasing.


  • preachmorepreachmore Member Posts: 75

    Tera, GW2, Wow.....

    Tera is f2p, so easy acces to try

    wow has free trial till lvl 20

    All-time fave : City of Heroes/Villains

    Played and returning from time to time : GW2, Tera, CO

    Played: Aion, Archeage, DCUO, FXIV:ARR, Rift, SWTOR, TSW, Vindictus, Wildstar

    Playing atm : WoW, Hearthstone, Tera, GW2

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