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Who else cannot play the game because it gets stuck or freezes?

ShaikeShaike Member UncommonPosts: 301

EA Forums are over-crowded with erros people are getting and I am also unable to play the game at all - it simply gets stuck just before the menu... - reached 15 pages already - reached 65 pages already


anyone here can shed any light on this? anyone that might actually know why the game doesn't work for so many of us????




Just my 2 cents...



  • ZunaahZunaah Member UncommonPosts: 40

    My BF was having the same issue. Menu screen going black and unable to see anything. He temp fixed it by forcing the screen into window mode. Press Alt and Enter together.

    And if you're using Ati graphics and the game is stuttering a lot. Download the new beta drivers. Helped set my rig straight.

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