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Login freezing problem, please help

LuckyJack317LuckyJack317 Member Posts: 1
So I downloaded Aion and created an account on their website to use for it. The game seems fine at first when I load it, the NCSoft logo stays around for a while but I don't know if that's normal. When I get to the login screen however, it's definitely not normal. It loads the graphics for the background animations, shows the little message board on the left, allows me to use all the buttons along the bottom and I can fiddle with the options as much as I want. When I enter my username and password and click OK, it stops working. The cursor can still be moved, but the game kinda just sits there at that point. It doesn't give an error after a while or anything, it just remains still with a faded OK button. I've waited for a straight hour and still nothing. I tried repairing and reinstalling, and running as administrator. I don't know what could be the problem could be. My computer can handle much heavier games than this and yet it just gets stuck there. Can someone help me out? How do I go about fixing this? I've tried searching for answers and people have had similar problems, but none quite like this.
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