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Firefall: Update 1.2 released today

kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759

Patch notes:

(Also if anyone is interested, I'll be streaming my gameplay and checking out some of the new stuff throughout the night starting around 8 PM Eastern and over the next few days . You can view it on Twitch at:

Some very nice changes being released today including some new content, additions to PvP, additions / improvements to existing content, and bug fixes.

Some of the highlights for this release are:


This is the 1st release of a new content type called Operations. They are essentially instanced missions in which player actions throughout the mission can alter the path & objectives, rather than being a static single method playthrough. As an example in Miru one of your first encounters will have you choosing whether to kill off all of the chosen or all of the scorchers. One choice has you fighting enemy chosen the rest of the way, the other has you fighting off scorchers. The choices also determine what you will be facing for the final boss. Your choices also impact what sort of rewards you encounter along the way.

Also, unlike other instances the content does not scale down to be easier if you have fewer players. It is intended to require a full group to complete.

More details can be found here:


Accord Skydock -

 This is a new multi-stage open world encounter which will require participation of several players working in tandem to achieve multiple objectives in multiple locations at the same time. This is not designed to be something people just jump into solo blasting away at everything with no teamwork and communication.

More details:


Broken Peninsula (PvP zone) -

Some new things going on in the BP zone:

- ARES job boards and missions have been added giving players some more clearly defined objectives to complete and gain rewards for

- Bount hunter system added - Teams / Players who are racking up high kill streaks will become visible on the map to other players and become the target of bounties. Killing someone with a bounty on them earns you rewards, but if they ca continue their streak they will earn rewards as well.

- Increased the number of resource nodes, the quality of resource nodes and the amount of resources in each node type within Broken Peninsula.

- The RX1 (resource hauler) has received handling improvements which will make it easier to climb steeper hills.



Other additions:

- Several new dynamic events and watchtower / invasion encounters

- ARES job boards can now be used by someone 5 levels lower than the level of the mission

- New elemental modifications are now available for weapons:

     Cryogenic– Cryogenic weapons have a 5% damage increase as well as a chance to snare the target and lower their rate of fire by 10% per stack. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

    Chilled Cryogenic – Chilled Cryogenic weapons have a 7.5% damage increase as well as an increased chance to proc the snare from Cryogenic weapons. 

-  Players will receive a 10% permanent XP boost per max level frame.

- New perks have been added and some existing perks have been tweaked or bug fixed

- Various adjustments / fixes to abilities

- Some alterations to rewards in PvE and the method of giving loot

- An LGV racing event where you can earn a permanent boost to your own LGV

- Several cosmetics (character styling options) have now been unlocked for all players, no longer requiring a purchase



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