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Lineage Eternal will release to all parts of the world at the same time.



NCsoft has today announced that Lineage Eternal, the third in the big-in-Korea series, will feature a simultaneous worldwide release both for the PC game and for the mobile edition. Yes, there's a mobile edition.

Steparu.com has translated all of the G-Star 2014 documents relating to the game and confirms that it is indeed an "open-world MMORPG" with mouse cursor movement, 20-man raids, random and dynamic dungeons, PvP, and no "generic questing system." According to Steparu, NCsoft is testing a new cloud gaming system that will nullify the need for a Korean account to play the company's games. Instead, gamers can just link a social media account to play.

Lineage Eternal is apparently slated for a "2016 or later" release; closed beta is now planned for the first half of 2015. Check out the new G-Star videos below.



I didn't realize that launch was so far off :( That's in like... "EverQuest Next" time.


  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,086
    Thats good news.
  • KabulozoKabulozo Member RarePosts: 932
    2016+? I Was expecting late 2015-early 2016 launch... Everquest Next vs Eternal. Which one will launch first?
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