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[The Ebon Hawk] [Imperial] Imperial Reclamation SFD Heavy RP guild

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The Imperial Reclamation SFD is a heavy RP guild seeking RPers of all types, from casual to dedicated. We are the Imperial sister guild of the Republic Telosian League. It is the purpose, dream, and goal of this guild to spread RP to the Imperial side as well. Too long have the best RP communities remained on the Republic side, while Imperials are reduced to little more than Cantina conversations.

What is the Guild RP Story? ------------------------------------

The Imperial Reclamation SFD (Special Forces Detachment) was created by the Reclamation Service as a small elite force to be used when artifacts or knowledge are in unknown or heavily guarded territories. The purpose of the SFD is to provide the Service with more autonomy, in that it is able to aquire artifacts from dangerous territory without having to call upon the other military forces of the Empire.

My Character is a ____. How will I fit in to the story? ----------------

We accept all kinds of backstories. One does not have to RP an Imperial Reclamation Service Person to join. One reason why the Reclamation theme was chosen was because of its relative neutrality. It allows us to have patriots, mercenaries, and sith all in one place with little controversy.

For now, these are the main categories:

Imperials: the simple patriot is always welcome in the Service. By helping the Empire to reclaim that which already belongs to it, you will bring to it assets which it was previously unable to emloy. You will be able to take pride in knowing that, with each new recovery, you have brought the forces of the Empire one step closer to victory.

Mercernaries: Don't care about the Imperial cause? Perhaps credits are more your thing? The Service is offering high paying jobs to mercernaries who are looking for security type work, as well as assisting our strike teams in infiltrating enemy strongholds to recover assets.

Mandalorians: Largely regarded as the best mercernaries around, the Service has naturally hired several Mandalorians to aid us in our cause. One of our founders, Adego, is the head of the once prosperous Clan Lorek. Now all but extinct due to traitors within the Empire, Adego seeks to rebuild the glory his clan once held.

Sith: Not all Sith believe that the traditional power plays grant true strength. Some know the truth that knowledge is where the true secrets of the Dark Side lie, for mind is far superior to mere matter. By aiding the Service, you aid yourself in the search for the real glory that more primitive sith are blind to.

Anything else: Operating under a conspiracy? Working for the SIS? Just someone looking for a job? Just plain insane? Doesn't matter to us. As long as your character's story reasonably links in with ours, we are happy to accept new people to RP.

How does RP work? ------------------------------------------------

While we are currently small, having recently crossed over from the other side, the guild is still in a building stage. However, we are modelled after the Telosian League in that we have weekly RP events of various themes. Typical themes right now are searching for artifacts on a more archaological basis, as well as infiltrating Republic strongholds in order to retrieve them. Mandalorian RPers will also be granted their own sub-plot as Adego rebuilds his clan. RP is of course not limited to these themes, and as time goes on and new characters with new stories join us, we plan to make use of their stories and tie them in to form intricate plots. Work hard at your bio and it will pay off!

RP will not be limited to events either, and spur-of-the-moment RP with online guild members is always encouraged. We have several strongholds for the purpose of RP, and should your character like to contribute a stronghold to an event that is meant to compliment your character's story, then this is encouraged also.

As the sister guild of the Telosian League, we will also frequently have cross-faction RP. These events will attempt to be diplomatic, but RP is of course very flexible and we will not force our stance to remain friendly should RP turn hostile.

How is the guild structured? -------------------------------------

Several founders head this guild, and we all share power amongst each other. We wish for all RP times and themes to be democratic, so that the best RP possible may take place for each character. We are always open to suggestions, advice, and criticisms as this guild grows and evolves.

our main thing will always be RP, but once the guild is large enough we will probably do some PVE as well to help our loyal members get geared up. PVP is also possible, but it is not something we will focus on.

Guild Contacts ----------------------------------------------------

If you wish to join the guild, or simply would like more info, contact any of these characters:





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