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  • DelbishDelbish Member UncommonPosts: 27

    The new patch has dropped this week, and has some promising changes for Pantheon's, making managing it much easier... This last weekend Grievance had 48 hours of Streaming for both the Extra-Life.org Charity Event and it's first Veterans Day Event... Twas a lot of fun watching those who were Streaming on our Twitch.TV channel... And even though the Extra-Life Charity Event itself is done, you can still make donations to participants all the way up until the end of the year 2015, to help out Children's Miracle Network Hospitals...

    Grievance is a all-in-one Guild; we cater to players of many different games, we have lots of Streamers, a highly active Forums, a very large Team Speak 3 Server, we participate in different Live Conventions, we have an Annual Live Get Together, we have a family friendly atmosphere, and the list goes on... Come check us out, and see if we're the right fit for you...


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