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HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

So, the idea of this thread is:

  • Talk about a game you have not played in a very long time (one that is still around).  Something you tried for a little while. Then either wrote it off. Or just kind of forgot about it.
  • Go try that game again (even if you really don't want to).
  • Come back and talk about what has changed (if any thing) with it. And, what you think about said changes.
I'll start (and in-so-doing provide a format for how to approach this)...
Maple Story
My History with it:
I tried this game out some years back when they were airing those ridiculous skittles like commercials about it. I didn't last to long in it before setting it down. A few years later they lured me back with a free demon character. Which I played around on a bit. And, quit again. It is a game I let fade from memory until I watched a review on it from some years ago that popped up in my suggested watch list  for youtube a channel I recently subscribed to.
My Impressions of it then:
This game had a lot of little frustrating things about it. Long waits on what should be fast travel. Not very good platforming (for being a 2D side scrolling MMORPG, that's a little sad to have to say). But, chief amongst these for me was the epically long download/Install/registration process. And, in addition to that...actually getting into the game to play it and staying connected for any reasonable amount of time.
I would click an icon to be taken to a website, where I would log in, be prompted to play, then taken to client, which would usually have a sizable patch, then after waiting on game guard I would log in again, type my pin, find my server, find my channel...THEN select my character and actually log in. And I had to do this each and every time I wanted to play.  Which was not easy with the amount of long term partial disconnects or full on client crashes I was experiencing. I didn't so much out right quit the game as I got tired of trying to get into and remain in it.
The community wasn't that great either from what I recall. their target demographic was awkward pre-teens and teens...And, they seemed to get exactly that. Which makes for some very spamy and senseless chat, brimming over with leet speak, and an absolute abuse of the emote system (with generally rude or abusive players).
(Now the part where I go re-install , play it, and come back to tell about how it compares now to how I remember it).



  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 1,935
    I would have gone back to Mabinogi but it doesn't reinstall.  I just updated GW2 but I'm to busy to go back just yet. 

  • HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

    Replay Impressions:

    So, it looks like Nexon has switched over to using a multi-game launcher/patcher not unlike the one Trion Worlds uses. Apparently, I had an old version of the game floating around on my machine somewhere. So, this client recognized it and let me patch it in client. Took about 3 hours. But, considering I have not played in about 2 years that's understandable. In any case this is a fair bit better then it used to be on that front. The login is a lot less convoluted now as well. I do feel like the game is actually accessible now.


    Another interesting thing seems to be random field bosses (killed 3 and the last one was no walk in the park). As well, as some pretty frequent world events. There are apparently multiple planets now. And, there is some sort of over arching quest going on that involves a lot of cinematic cut scenes. I guess they have also rearranged the world and added some areas. And, finding my bearings was a bit difficult. Overall it seems like they have added a fair amount of content and streamlined how the game is played and accessed.


    The community feels a little more grown up. But, there is still plenty of players that...act as chibi as their characters look. However, it is very active. I got a guild invite inside 10 minutes. The guy had a whole speech prepared about why I should join his guild. I didn't ultimately, as I was still in 'me-time-mode' (getting acclimated I find to actually  be harder with people yacking at me about how to do so). But, it's nice to know that it isn't that hard to get with a group.


    My one concern is that it still has performance issues. Dropped items can still litter the ground numbering in the hundreds while dozens of players spam the screen and speakers with their particle heavy attacks. And, it can all serve to lag the game out. It also did something weird to my internet browser (which restarting my computer fixed). Not sure if I will continue with this title for long. But, at the very least I will get to the next tier bracket/job advancement. So, that I can wield and wear some next tier bracket gear I have in inventory. All I can really say about it, is that the game has not stagnated. It is what it is. And, if you have played it you probably get my meaning. But, it has not gone baron-lands at least. And, it seems like it's devs/publishers are paying attention to it.


  • syriinxsyriinx Member UncommonPosts: 1,383
    Originally posted by DMKano
    Last time I played WoW was 2004. I have no desire to try it again. So I won't. I failed the experiment.

    If Trion was granted publishing rights to it you would play it in a heartbeat

  • waveslayerwaveslayer Member UncommonPosts: 379
    I have tried, wriittn off and forgotten alot of MMoRPGs over the years, so many infact that I cant remember what they are, I will stick with the ones I like.

    Godz of War I call Thee

  • HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930
    Well, I gave it a shot and took my own medicine. Can't expect more then that, really. Thought it would be an interesting change of mode for our typical kinds of discussions. But, if people really just aren't into it. Or simply can't be bothered, ah well. Not, the first time I have tried for something a little different (Tried an image contest for best outfit in your game of choice once as well which never got off the start line). And, probably won't be the last. Who, knows if I keep at it on occasion I might eventually hit on something people want to get involved in.


  • laxielaxie Member RarePosts: 1,065

    Just reinstalled SWTOR yesterday. It seems a lot more polished than before - and even on free-to-play, I get access to most important features.

    It's a nice change of pace. Story for me is where the game really shines. Playing on my own means no level rush, no slowing others down, or pulling ahead. Even though it is quite a generic MMO with nothing special, I'm really enjoying it this time around. 

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