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Any Paywalls in this game?

TalonsinTalonsin Member EpicPosts: 3,619
I checked out Archeage and liked it until I hit max level and realized how limiting the labor point system is.  I was wondering since this game is also going to be F2P, what kind of paywalls and cash shop does it have? 
"Sean (Murray) saying MP will be in the game is not remotely close to evidence that at the point of purchase people thought there was MP in the game."  - SEANMCAD


  • HolyAvengerOneHolyAvengerOne Member UncommonPosts: 701

    Hi and welcome to The Repop :)


    I believe the most comprehensive stuff that's been said on the matter can be found here ( in this massive post, the following section :


    Membership Package

    We are what is called in the industry a Free to Play (F2P) title. We distribute the game for free and you can play it at no continuing cost. Obviously, the game will not last very long if no one pays any money so we sell memberships with additional perks.

    We currently plan on offering 3 memberships with each membership including the previous membership’s offerings. The memberships are a one time purchase much like paying a box fee for a game compared to a subscription that is paid every month. The currently planned offerings for each membership is as follows.

    Silver Membership

    • Additional Character, Inventory, Bank, Shared Bank, Mission, and Auction Slots.
    • Access to City Council and Nation Leadership options.

    Gold Membership

    • More Character, Inventory, Bank, Shared Bank, Mission, and Auction Slots.
    • Ability become a city mayor and run a player city.

    Platinum Membership

    • More Character, Inventory, Bank, Shared Bank, Mission, and Auction Slots.
    • Ability to create a new nation.

    Memberships are offered as part of packages now, but will be available for future purchase upon release. You will be able to upgrade your membership as well with your existing store credit or newly purchased credit once the game is released.

    Store Credit

    Part of being F2P is having a cash shop where players can purchase in-game items. We do not sell what are considered Pay to Win (P2W) items that require players to spend money in hopes to compete in the game; instead, we sell cosmetic items that players can use in-game along with a small variety of time saving options such as Items commonly referred to as experience potions. Store Credit can also be used to purchase or upgrade a membership if you don’t have all of the levels. We understand the value of both paying and non paying customers and want to provide incentives to paying customers without non paying customers feeling like they are playing a demo. Store Credit will be given at release and is non refundable.


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