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Continue on with Saturday night 8th Nov

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

Continuing on with Saturday night...while Mids boated their relic home, Albs decided to take their da Behnn port and keep them out of Hib for a while.

Albs then moved on Scath, and their power relic, taking both. With Bolg, da Behnn, nGed and now Scath taken, the Hib power relic gate was open and Albs took full advantage.

Mids, in the meantime, took Crauch and started on Bolg to regain a foothold. Albs took the power relic, and Niyati carried it from the temple to Earthmover waiting at the gate. 

Mids ported in and regrouped fast and made their way to intercept Earthmover's BG, finding them west of da Behnn Outpost where they proceeded to wipe most of the albs including Earthmover. Both relics were dropped with Earthmover's death and Luvgun wasted no time in picking them up for the Mids, and carrying them home.


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