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Saturday evening as Hibs assaulted Mid's frontier 8th Nov

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

More relic action Saturday evening as Hibs assaulted Mid's frontier, taking Blend, Glen and Fens, opening the strength relic gate. Mids defended but weren't enough to keep the Hibs from the relic, and Herorius brought the relic to nGed.

The Alb force gathered and made their way to Hib to see if they could do something about Hibs owning their relics. Some risk taking Hibs met them at one of the Agramon mile gates to try put a spanner in the works, but didn't last long against the Alb force.

Albs took Bolg and opened port. Mids took da Behnn and made their way to da Behnn Outpost, but Albs predicted and hit them while trying to take the tower. Albs weren't expecting the numbers Mids had, so pulled off and Mids resumed opening their port.

Albs made an attempt on Ailinne and their relic, but Hibs were ready and defending. Albs pulled off but with Hibs attention on Ailinne, Mids were able to recover their strength relic from nGed. Albs tried to hit Mids on their way out of Hib, but Xyorman's force were too many for them and Mids boated the relic home.

Check out the boat convoy - very cool 

The night was far from over, but so much happened it'll have to wait 'til tomorrow!




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