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Kordbika Online New!!!

We got one more game where to spend your time..started just few days ago .no download just register and play .leave your feedback at forum will try to do best . game calls Kordbika

Inside of game you can find ! 

* Storyland 
* Monsters 
* PVP - Fights 
* Tourneys 
* Tourneys with REAL cash Payout 
* Market 
* Real Time chat 
* Guid fights and more intresting things. 



visit here:


  • MensurMensur Member RarePosts: 986

    What you mean we?


    this is not flaming: But i suspect the developer trying to do cheap marketing on the in our forums..

    cheap trick!

    Proud member since 2009! 

  • MarKazMarKaz Member Posts: 2
    we are 5 peoples for now who make choise to build some game !more funny is now stock on review..
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