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Cash Shop and Patron Discussion



  • laseritlaserit Member LegendaryPosts: 6,155
    Originally posted by DMKano
    Originally posted by d_20

    People still talking about this?


    Cut your losses and run!

    Run to what?

    Also you can simply stay and not spend money.

    Cash shop can be ignored 100%


    Yes absolutely, the cash shop can be ignored 100%


    You know.... Life is no fun at all.... If the Lords don't have their peasants. 


    "Be water my friend" - Bruce Lee

  • lucyfluffylucyfluffy Member UncommonPosts: 17
    Archeage 3.0  revamping tomorrow with fresh start server.  If you still  complain about cash shop you have to watch this interview  :D
  • danwest58danwest58 Member RarePosts: 2,009
    Call me when AA has a P2P only server with no cash shop and everything is earned in the game.  O and no labor point system.  Otherwise this game is a fucking mess and I dont want anything to do with it again until its P2P only with no cash shop unless everything in the cash shop can be earned in game in some fashion even if it takes 500 hours to earn
  • Torin_KhaosTorin_Khaos Member UncommonPosts: 18
    AA is still nothing but P2W and Alt/Bot land. Most of its population are bots.
  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,418

    AA is still nothing but P2W and Alt/Bot land. Most of its population are bots.

    K. thanks for the necro.
  • Torin_KhaosTorin_Khaos Member UncommonPosts: 18
    Alb dont get me wrong AA defiantly looks like a great game. If there was a non-trion controlled free server out there it would probably be allot of fun. But really the game is controlled by a few high geared guilds. To pvp really either make 10 alts or break out your CC . Even then it will be a while before you will be anything but cannon fodder.

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