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Fever Clan is Recruiting! [H] (Mal'ganis)

EllmattayEllmattay Member Posts: 76

FeverClan is a 7 year old mature massive multi-gaming clan. With over 1000+ active members, FeverClan is a one of the largest multi-gaming clans in existence. Our #1 goal is to bring a fun environment to our members and guests whether they decide to join us or not. We aren't just some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such hold our members to a higher standard. We do this because we want everyone’s time at Fever to be above the rest and so we remain a top notch community.

FeverClan has an extremely active forum with dozens of new threads per day and hundreds of new threads per month. We do not censor our members nor do we lock threads. We believe this support the community in a way that creates an active and friendly environment. Here is a screenshot of our forum statistics from January to show our forum activity:

Along with 1000+ members, fever also has a large officer staff. Our officers are friendly, non-abusive, and answer any questions members or guest alike may have. They will also help solve any issues or problems that may arise. Here is a screenshot of our roster from January to show our member to officer ratio:

FeverClan has an active forum/website and an active staff, but it also has a very active teamspeak. Our teamspeak server is one of the most active out there. We are in the 100th percentile and sit in the top 100 of all teamspeak servers worldwide. We believe that socialization and cooperation between fever members are important. Here is a live image of our teamspeak server status:

As a massive mutli-gaming community, fever plays many different online multiplayer games. Our comprehensive list is below.

- Battlefield Series
- Counter Strike
- Call of Duty
- Destiny
- Evolve
- H1Z1
- DayZ
- Rust

- Dota 2
- League of Legends
- Smite
- Heroes of the storm
- Infinite Crisis

- Diablo 3
- Path of Exile
- Dungeons & Dragons
- Minecraft
- ArcheAge
- Guild Wars 2
- World of Warcraft

- Starcraft II
- Hearthstone

- Mobile & Apps
- Forum Arcade 
- Playstation
- Xbox
- Nintendo

While FeverClan is welcoming and enjoyable for casual members and guests, it also sponsors and encourages competitive players and teams.

FeverClan has multiple squads which are professional or semi-professional teams. Any group of members can create a squad and once they do, they will be given a private teamspeak channel, for practice and matches, as well as their own private forum to discuss progress or success.

We also host many tournaments for various games and great rewards for winning. These run around the clock and many members have a lot of fun during our clan sponsored tournaments.

Not good at a certain game? No problem! Fever has a coaching department dedicated to coaching and helping players who wish to improve in their selected game. We have dozens of coaches who are readily available and can accommodate any schedule.

Fever also has community coin (reward) system where you can earn coins for attending game nights, posting on forums, recruiting new members, and many other ways.

These coins can be used for various things. Want more games? You can use Fever coins to buy games in auctions held on the forums! Want your own private teamspeak channel? You can buy one with Fever coins! Want to mess around with friends? You can change their avatar, sig, or nickname on the forums using Fever coins!

Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our teamspeak server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about!

Register here: 
Submit application:
Interviews: Conducted on our teamspeak server ( )

When answering “How did you hear about Fever Clan:” on your application please remember to put the following:

Fever Member Referral
Referrer: Leo


Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to join the pandemic! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

-|Fever| Leo


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