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Ascended Elements [NA] is looking forward to playing and recruiting in Skyforge

Laurence55555Laurence55555 Member Posts: 1


Recruitment information

Ascended Elements is recruiting for our Skyforge division!

Our Goal/Mission:

The Ascended Elements community strives to maintain a healthy social atmosphere for players of all gaming styles to enjoy. We are a mature community and ask that you act accordingly at all times. No matter the method used to communicate, members are expected to behave in a mature and respectful manner.

What We Are Recruiting:

General members:

We love having a strong guild presence in a game and look forward to being a force on the battlefield. We expect plenty of organized PvE and PvP events. All the details for this will be ironed out as we see what is needed in Skyforge! The current plan is to be a social focused group with lots of PvE, Raiding and PvP. Our community supports many game play styles, but the main focus will be fun and the efficient destruction of our enemies.


Please visit for more information or to join us!!

Time Schedules





Social, Raiding ,PvP, PvE, voice TS3


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