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odd question about the keyboard control setup in this game

dreadlordnafdreadlordnaf Member UncommonPosts: 80

Perhaps someone in the Alpha can answer this question, but when you go to whatever control/setup options are in the game, do you know if there is actually the ability to bind an keyboard key to the "look up" or "look down" functions?  I know you can obviously look up or down with a mouse like all mmos let you do, but I'm curious if they actually let you bind a key to let you do that also.


I know this seems like an odd question, but I screwed up my hands awhile back with some carpel tunnel-esq type issues.  Most cool mmos I can still play but I cant use the regular mouse/keyboard setup and have to map all the keys and actions in the game to an alternative device, like a game controller, and use that in combo with the keyboard.  It works fine with 95% of games though ill always suck at fast twitch games now (oh well), but occasionally a game like Guild Wars 2 doesnt actually let you map a key to an important function like "look up" and "look down", only allowing you to do this via the mouse, which makes mapping it to an alternative device for me very difficult.  Ive been following this game and it looks pretty cool so was curious on this. Thanks in advance.


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