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Please help, can anyone recommend me any latest or hottest game that you are playing?



  • James806James806 Member Posts: 9
    Originally posted by DMKano

    I suggest chess. Its good for your brain.


    yeah much better.. :-)

  • nebb1234nebb1234 Member Posts: 242
    yeaw!!!!! I just bought the new chess DLC, got a new skin for my knight, and a new PvP animation for my rook. (buying for the other rook soon!!!)
  • AnneBelievableAnneBelievable Member Posts: 35
    You can also try Bubble Story: Tiny Adventure, Cut the rope, Don't tap the white tiles, Four pics one word, Dumb ways, Temple run, Second earth, Candy Crush Soda Saga, World of Tank Blitz, Legion of Heroes and Subway Surfer. :D

    Don't Play with me coz I know I can play better than you!

  • john887john887 Member Posts: 9

    i've been playing this games



    Angry Birds Space

    Second earth

    Modern Combat 5: Blackout

    Legion of heroes 

    The Simpsons Tapped Out 

  • KyutaSyukoKyutaSyuko Member UncommonPosts: 288

    I'd have to agree with the Zenonia series being a good one to check out as well as Order & Chaos Online, Pocket Legends, or any of the SquareEnix games.

    If you like RPGs Kemco has a bunch of pretty good ones out like Eve of the Genesis and Dark Gate.

    Kritika is worth checking out though it's one of those you play for 5-10 minutes and then have to wait or pay to continue playing...

    Lemegeton is pretty much a Castlevania clone and is pretty well done in my opinion.

    Others I think are worth checking out are:

    • the Dungeon Hunter series
    • Ravensword
    • Terra Battle
    • Third Blade
    • The World of Mana (pretty popular though I haven't really played it)
    • Aralon
    • The Bard's Tale
    • Wild Blood

    Granted not many of these are the latest, but they are in my opinion among the greatest.

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