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My 13th anniversary return review (short and sweet)

heocatheocat Member UncommonPosts: 178
I decided to go to my old friend DAOC for the 13th anniversary celebration and was greatly surprised by the amount of people who came back to play. I had forgotten a lot (it had been 5 years) and there were people willing to help and get me back into the game. I enjoyed my time so much I decided to re up for 3 months. There was action in all the battle grounds and I really had a blast. Being able to bring my old characters out of storage was a nice touch but I also started a new toon and had him 50 in 2 days with help. All in all I would encourage anyone to go try it again or even for the first time.  The graphics being a bit dated was my only con. But with great game play in the RVR it really wasn't noticed much.



  • I'm thinking the same thing. I'm a huge rvr fan. I loved both Daoc and War and played a lot back then. I'm playing FFXIV right now but it is a pure pve game and I want a second mmo for pvp. I played War non stop 2 years till ea shut it down. Then I resub Daoc for rvr but I couldn't play it. That's not because the game. I had a great guild and community in Warhammer back then. and I think I just couldn't play it without them. But I think I can play it with a fresh start now. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the review by the way...

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,746
    2 days to level 50 explains why it's not at all the same game that I enjoyed many years ago, and why the official version is worse than the various shards that have been available.

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  • VladamyreVladamyre Member UncommonPosts: 223
    I'm having a blast playing DAoC again, but not on the live server!

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  • heocatheocat Member UncommonPosts: 178
    your welcome anything i can do to make it smoother just look up one of my toons visiter,rocford,gruffon, you can get one of those 13 day return freebies from the forum as well.


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