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Is this P2P or F2P ?



  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 31,077
    Originally posted by SpottyGekko
    It's a Korean game, so it will be F2P with a strong Cash Shop and quite possibly an optional monthly "premium" sub for some extra benefits. All the major Korean games have followed this formula in recent years, it is apparently the most profitable. It's unlikely that they will change the monetization much for the "western version", because it would require a redesign of the game.

    What I wonder is if it can avoid the other standard Korean game "trademarks", being hack infested, bot infested, spam infested messes that the developers can't (or won't) get under some control.

    Not asking for it to be totally eliminated, I realize that never can be, but lets face it, Korean made  MMO's have a really bad track record in this regards, and yes, I'm even including NCSoft titles in there such as L2.


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  • NasaNasa Member UncommonPosts: 668

    From Steparu's Q&A:

    Q: Payment Model?

    A: The Korean version is F2P. The NA/EU/RU versions is still undecided.

  • xenoracexenorace Member UncommonPosts: 205

    A great way to get rid of these terrible business models is stop throwing money at it. People seriously can affect business decisions from these publishers buy voting with their wallet. So for instance if a game is in a CBT and you are hooked and feel it's the 2nd coming of gaming, great. That's your feeling. However, don't just throw money into all the preorder/founder promises. Allow a launch, watch and be a smarter consumer.

    Believe it or not all the consumers that bought the $150 AA founders pack really just add to the problem. (If you are still playing the game and have fun, you kind sir/ma'am are excluded) Those who feel they were burned, just keep this in mind. Publisher WILL continue to have these high profit business ideals if you continue to fuel them. We as consumers need to stop supporting these ideals and wait to see the product before we buy.

    OT: I cannot predict what this games business model will be, but only assume. If I was head of business and marketing for this publisher and had to follow a path to maximize profit, well, it's quite obviously the choice I would make. Looking at a pattern of spending from other games I would follow the same path in which they took. Founders packs, cash shop and sub options for exclusive perks. So far none of these practices have proven to not have the consumers best interests in mind. 

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