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The Companions Recruiting For Star Citizen!

StaffaStaffa Member Posts: 14
We are a light role playing and casual guild, but have a "dedicated" play style.  By "casual" we mean players that have other responsibilities in real life such as their  job, school, friends and family or other interests.  By "dedicated" we mean players that will immerse themselves fully into The companions and give 100% to the guild and the games we play!

We encourage role playing within the guild, though not mandatory but find it helps in the emersion in the games were playing.  We are looking for skilled players, who want to be part of a community not just a guild.  A place built upon mutual respect where people can come to learn, help others, complete goals, make new friends or just hang out and have fun.

Our goals is to succeed in all the games we play, with each game we will have different priorities,  whether is a guild city on a planet or a large fleet in space but always Trade, Exploration and Crafting will be of special focus of The Companions.  Our play style is open and we welcome both hard-core and the casual gamers.  We are a PvX guild and will be venturing into all opportunities that the games will offer.

As well we offer a dynamic website that is constantly updated with all guild activities and news about the current state of the game, an integrated TeamSpeak 3 voice chat server for easy use, Calendar of Events, formal and flexible Guild Structure, Code of Conduct, Chat and Private Forums to post variety of topics as well as experienced leadership!

Though we are a North American English speaking guild, we want to welcome players from all over the world.  We aim for a global presence in Star Citizen and we are looking for dedicated players from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Oceanic regions.  Guild run events and activities will be schedule to include as much of our player base as possible with alternate activities for members who are not able to attend due to time zone difference. 

We welcome everyone to come browse our site, ask questions and apply if you think The Companions are the guild you are looking for.


Staffa KarTherma
Founder of The Companions
Currently Recruiting

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