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What is with the lack of detail/polish?



  • Total_HavokTotal_Havok Member UncommonPosts: 21
    Originally posted by Rusque

    As to the topic at hand, I don't know why UI gets overlooked, sure you can add something cool in your game that your players might spend a couple hours interacting with. UI, however, is something that your players interact with the entire time they play your game. May as well polish the hell out of it.

    You perfectly capture my point here Rusque. This is exactly what I have been thinking lately!

  • JamesPJamesP Member UncommonPosts: 590
    Originally posted by Edli
    Because if they knew any better they would be working in a big company by now

    umm... then why are there documented cases of Industry vets leaving AAA Companies so they can become Indies? Working for a Company you have backers breathing down your back telling you exactly how to do your job. You have no freedom to be creative because it's all about the money and how your backers can get the most Return on their investment. As a Indie you have the freedom to be creative and work on the Projects you care about.

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  • iridescenceiridescence Member UncommonPosts: 1,552

    To me good UI is very different from good looking UI. UI is a tool. It shouldn't aim to be aesthetically pleasing it should aim primarily  to be functional. I hate some of the newer UIs which are very minimalistic and were seemingly designed by artists to try to look pretty - Skyrim for example has a really bad UI. Form follows function, not the other way around.


    Maybe if you went into detail about what you disliked in the UIs of those particular games it would be easier to discuss?


  • JabasJabas Member UncommonPosts: 1,249
    Originally posted by MMOExposed

    you didnt like the Pathfinder example in the video you posted?


    show us some examples of UI that you like.

    Was thinking about the same thing.

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