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To late ?? help me to start please

ArmorDillianArmorDillian Member UncommonPosts: 275


First question, is it to late to start playing this game ?? Will I be ready for end game at the time the server closes


Second, What server should I start on ?? Im from Europe, Sweden,


Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.


  • SmashixSmashix Member UncommonPosts: 91

    This is  great time to start playing AO. They have overhauled the new character creation to make it much smoother. You also get free licenses until level 80 and other goodies, including free mercs and upgrade mats, stuff you used to have to grind for.

    We have lots of Europeans on all servers. I believe there are European servers, but if you start on a North American server, try Sikyon and whisper me (Smashix) when you are on. Our guild (Epic) is helpful and friendly to new and casual players.

    Atlantica Online is constantly being updated and events happen constantly. You can actually play for completely free and be successful.

  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member EpicPosts: 3,531
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