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Star Citizen - current ship pipeline status



  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    The new JumpPoint magazine is out, with lots of information about the Merlin snub fighter.

    Got that BMW feeling about it ;-)    ... and as a proud Constellation owner i will soon be able to fly it, as the

    Multi-Crew ship update will be announced in 2 weeks at GamesCom 2015.


    Have fun


  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,594
    Originally posted by Erillion
    The new JumpPoint magazine is out, with lots of information about the Merlin snub fighter. Got that BMW feeling about it ;-)    ... and as a proud Constellation owner i will soon be able to fly it, as the Multi-Crew ship update will be announced in 2 weeks at GamesCom 2015.   Have fun  

    Eeeeww, they better not f**k that up, lol, the timing would be epic...

  • WarleyWarley Member UncommonPosts: 507
    Originally posted by SpottyGekko
    Originally posted by Erillion
    The new JumpPoint magazine is out, with lots of information about the Merlin snub fighter. Got that BMW feeling about it ;-)    ... and as a proud Constellation owner i will soon be able to fly it, as the Multi-Crew ship update will be announced in 2 weeks at GamesCom 2015.   Have fun  

    Eeeeww, they better not f**k that up, lol, the timing would be epic...

    I still maintain that my 'instinct' is right in that these are Unity Store assets... o.0

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    26 pages about the MISC "Reliant", from the pages of "Jump Point" magazine. An in-depth look at the development process for this new small ship using advanced Xi'an technology. It can change its configuration in mid-flight.

    Strongly reminds me of the Star Wars B-Wing.


    Have fun



  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    Here is a video of the P-52 Merlin Snub fighter in flight:

    Start your engines, my fellow Constellation owners, and test your complementary snub fighter ;-)


    And here is what a human-adapted Vanduul Scythe looks like in flight:


    Have fun

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    A fan made Merlin snub fighter trailer made by Star Citizen: Kruger P-52 Merlin (4K60FPS Re-upload)


    (Did i mention that i like my Merlin ;-)


    Have fun


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    Constellation has been reworked.

    Take a look (lots of pictures) :

    "First look at the updated Connie model, with Chris Smith and Josh Coons

    CS: Hey guys this is Chris Smith and this is Josh Coons and we are here to talk about the Constellation rework. So we are starting the Connie rework and basically we had to start from the ground up and that means we work in how we even assemble it and so it’s easier for us to do variations after. So we started with that and we are logically assembling the connie in a lego like format so it’s easier to tack on different parts and modules, we call them modules, and so I am doing the interior currently and Josh Coons is doing the exterior.

    JC: It’s going to speed the process up, the more we do this the faster we will be able to do variants of ships everyone is going to get and uh get the pipeline more optimized the more we do it. More ships equals more stuff equals more fun which is good.

    CS: Yeah so we are using this Constellation as an opportunity to use our new ship pipeline that we have come up with that we are beginning this year that we are all streamlined together with the other studios like UK and LA. So yeah it’s going pretty good, the Constellation is coming together pretty quickly.

    JC: It looks so good, I can’t wait to finally show the whole thing.

    it’s super fun pushing the envelope on something, to take something people are already familiar with and we have gotten good feedback from the feedback we have gotten so far from the public on the connie.

    CS: Chris really digs it. A lot of the rework right now, I mean the interior I would probably say has changed the most so far out of everything. I mean the exterior he is doing looks much better and more detailed and a lot of the little clusters you know like the maneuvering clusters and stuff like that didn’t have a whole lot of detail are all nicely modeled out now. Yeah we allowed those stuff, the exterior style is still the same as it was. The interior has had a lot of work by me. I think the interior was the most problematic issue with the Constellation old version. It’s already been reworked, based off fan input that we have had over the years.

    JC: Some stuff just didn’t work.

    CS: Yeah, or make sense, so I took the time to add a couple of things and subtract a couple of things to make things more efficient for example be the front nose area, we sort of have the Constellation sectioned off by a nose, a neck, a body, and a tail. And he does the same for the exterior so each module can be removed and we could assemble a new ship with it basically. And for the nose section on the interior we added each section has a bulkhead that separates it so there is actually a new bulkhead that separates the cockpit from the living quarters now so it makes more sense that way to have everything so nothing gets exposed to space if something happens.

    JC: We had fans coming by the SXSW booth a few months ago and the people who owned the ship I would ask “what don’t you like about the ship” and they would tell me and it was just one after another and all had already been fixed, we had taken care of the issue and I would be like “we are fixing the issue right now” and they would be all like what? We had a couple of people tour the studio and they saw it and they were like “you weren’t kidding, I can not wait to get that”.

    CS: A lot of those issues where issues for us to. Like why is it like that. For the turret entrance you don’t have to walk around to the cockpit entrance now it’s just a straight forward walk.

    JC: You can get more people down when you go down the drop platform, it’s not just one person deal. The airlock is bigger, you aren’t going to shoot into the side of the Constellation when you jettison. That was my favorite part. You would hit abandon ship and jettison and crash into the side and die. Good job.

    CS: We have also extensively reworked the Merlin connection in the back, it has been completely overhauled. We don’t have this big telescoping tube and it’s questionable shape at the bottom.

    JC: it’s going to be a lot more aliens drop ship affair and I think everyone is going to dig it.

    CS: So basically the Merlin goes right up into it and it looks a lot sleeker, there is no more tube.

    JC: You have some control arms like bring him in and lock him into the back end of the ship and then you can just get right out of the cockpit of the Merlin and walk right through the bulkhead.

    CS: Alright thanks guys for joining us for the Constellation remodeling sneak peak.

    JC: Can’t wait to show you guys more and have a good one (salutes)."


    Have fun

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    "The P-52 Merlin is a versatile short-range fighter designed to offer support in combat situations as well as reconnaissance. Kruger Intergalactic’s first foray into Starships is nothing other then a marvel. The P-52 Merlin (which comes stock in some models of the RSI Constellation) benefits form decades of research into ergonomic design and a company eager to prove itself."

    "Backers who own the Constellation Andromeda and the Constellation Aquila can fly their Merlins today! Additionally, pilots who have a Constellation Phoenix, 890 Jump, Idris or Carrack in their fleets will be awarded a loaner Merlin in place of their parasite ships that are still in development. Early reviews say that the Merlin is a joy to fly: a true artist’s ship!"

    I concur - it IS a joy to fly the Merlin.  You will find in the article:

    Merlin in flight fighting video

    Merlin racing video

    Merlin Technical Overview

    And for those that want to support the project and have none of the ships mentioned above  .. a Merlin sale (20 $).


    Have fun



  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    P52 Merlin Q&A session (answered by technical designer Matt Sherman)

    "Question & Answer

    Can it carry any cargo at all? If I want to use it to fly into a station and support an assault, does it have a place to put a short rifle at least?

    There wouldn’t be any cargo space, but we do want to make sure you’ll have some personal weapon space. What that will fully encompass is still up in the air, but safe bets are sidearms and SMGs at the least.

    Will the engines be able to be upgraded to racing spec?

    Yes, there’s still going to be room to tune/grow with a Merlin, it’s not sold maxed-out overall to make sure there’s going to be enough choices to make to really help it fit different styles.

    Does the Merlin have a slip stream drive I know it does not have a jump drive but can you race across a solar system with it?

    No, Snub craft are designed to be very limited range from a parent ship, so they won’t have any Quantum or Jump capabilities. If you want to go any sort of distance with a snub, you’ll need another ship to help move it.

    Are there size classes for fighters like there are for weapons? Like, will I ever be able to dock another similarly sized fighter to a constellation? Or is that docking mechanism specifically designed for only the Merlin/Archimedes?

    The collar on the back of the Constellation is designed specifically for the Merlin/Archimedes. It could be possible in the future that other collar options could be available, but that would be a long ways out and would need a healthy range of Snub-ship options to really support it.

    As others have asked what’s the ship’s endurance like and as an extension can the Merlin launch from a typical planet surface to orbit under it’s own power?

    Yes. While Snub craft won’t have Quantum or Jump drives, they will be able to take off/land from planets on their own. And this would cover the Merlin, Archimedes, 85X, ARGO, and even the unnamed ship that comes with the Carrack.

    Will we see variants?

    We have the Archimedes planned, which was included on the Constellation Phoenix. Other variants aren’t officially planned, but the changes we’re planning for the Archimedes would also help set up the ship for a few more possibilities.

    How much Customization can we expect to be able to do on a smaller ship such as the P-52? Will we be able to color Coordinate with our larger ship such as I have a Constellation? Will I be able to make them match but be different? What About the Ability to change Equipment and other things such as Weapons, Shields, ect….?

    Snubs will have loadouts like any other ship, so you’ll absolutely have things to change and tune. While not right away, you’ll definitely be able to change out the Power Plant, Shield Generator, Cooler, Avionics, and Radar for other models in the same Small/Light size class. Wing-weapons will be interchangeable, though the centerline gun is locked in, though we’ll have tuning options on that.

    Will there be alternatives for the current center rotary weapon? A high ROF laser, perhaps? Or a Sucker-Punch-esque device for stripping shields?

    Currently, no. The Merlin is Kruger’s first step into ship manufacture, and the gun is very much built into that design. There’ll be some tuning options for the T-19P, but unlikely to see any other guns mounted inside.

    Might you include a docking attachment with the Merlin so we could use it with other ships?

    This wouldn’t be something paired with the Merlin itself, but an optional piece of equipment other ships may need to enable use. Something to consider is on a larger parent ship like a Carrack, the Snub deploys from a small platform instead of a specialized collar, so a Merlin could easily be loaded into one with no additional equipment to install to the Carrack.

    Can you list all current ships planned to either carry the snub, or have a future module planned to carry the snub?

    Just what’s currently announced, since future-modules are to be determined in the future: Constellation-series (excluding the Taurus), 890J, Carrack, Idris, and the Javelin. There could definitely be more choices later, but we won’t really be able to make those decisions until the base ship is already built out and flyable.

    Will there be a CCU/Upgrade to the Archimedes when it becomes flyable, for both Merlin and Constellation owners?

    Yes, we will make upgrades to the Archimedes available when it is flyable.

    Right now the Merlin cant compete with any single racing variant that is flyable today. Why is this? The Merlin cannot be considered a intro level racer, because its a parasite ship, and cannot get to races on its own in the PU.

    The Merlin has just gone live, so it’s not fully tuned. It’ll still need work, but will also still have down the road tuning and customization opportunities to help tailor the performance for racing more than the current generalist setup.

    How will parasite craft (or internally hangared craft in general) be handled with regard to NPC escort restrictions in the PU? Will they count as main ship crew or as separate escorts?

    The current plans are they’d be a part of the parent ship crew, so if you’re already paying someone to crew your ship, you wouldn’t be paying them extra to jump in the Snub ship if needed. This is still pending full setup of crews, but it shouldn’t be a double-cost to both your ship then additional escorts.

    Does CiG have an idea for how long will it take a skilled pilot to dock a Merlin to a Connie? Would it be practical to do under fire? Will there be an autodock function?

    The full Docking/Deployment cycle is still in development since we need the Constellation flight ready to really answer these questions. There will probably be some level of auto-assist with the docking, but we won’t know the extents without both ships setup.

    Does the Merlin get both refueled and its ballistic ammo reloaded when it docks with the Connie? Some have stated that its gets refueled but how does it get its ballistic ammo reloaded?

    It will reload both, though you’ll need to make sure you have spare rounds in the parent ships cargo hold. As long as you have the bullets, you can definitely dock and re-arm before heading out for more.

    During my test of the Merlin, I’ve noticed that the Merlin is capable of maneuvering at 20G vertically (strafing up and down, or pitching up and down) and 16G laterally (sideways strafing or yaw maneuvers), which is both faster than any other ship and also beyond any realistic notion of human G force tolerances.

    Ultra Space Water Physics. Seriously though, it’s the first implementation of the ship, so some of the G-forces being off is not surprising. Like anything else, we’ll definitely be continuing tuning work on the ship to make sure the handling and forces don’t linger in the realm of the impossible. Keep in mind, when the Mustangs first went in, they bucked wildly like a jet-ski, but have been dialed in since. Same thing, different ship."



    Have fun

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    "Primal Instinct"


    "Fly you BITCH !!"  ;-)


    Have fun

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    GamesCom update ...


    Starting with the Cutlass you can customize your ship.  Chris Roberts shows a lot of the Cutlass modules.


    It looks like this :   (example Retaliator -two modular rooms, two bomb bays)

    Living Quarters, Cargo Quarters, Bomb Bays , Dropship Bay (for carrying Marines) etc.


    Have fun


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    GamesCom update:

    Chris Roberts shows the new Star Citizen HOTAS stick from Saitek (various variants, including X-65 based)

    Trackball on Stick and Throttle (so you can fly with mouse AND stick at the same time ;-)

    detachable throttle , extra button panel , OLED Screen


    Have fun

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    Vanduul Glaive available for those that earn it through beating ALL of Vanduul Swarm (all levels)

    (and people at GamesCom just now are winning one in a stage lottery)

    " A long-rumored version of the iconic Scythe fighter, the UEEN-designated Glaive has now appeared with more frequency in a variety of systems. Initially attributed to one of the more notorious Vanduul aces, military intelligence has confirmed that there are indeed multiple versions of the symmetrical fighter in a number of clans. Analysts theorize that only the top pilots are given these powerful and resilient spacecraft, indicating that they may even be a recognition of rank within the Vanduul clans.

    In order to better prepare its pilots to face this growing threat, the Navy has asked Original Systems to update their Arena Commander Vanduul Swarm training simulation to more closely and accurately reflect the dangers of facing these elite ships. In addition, using scans taken in battle and schematics created from salvaged parts, the Navy has commissioned Esperia to manufacture a line of faithful reproductions for use in live simulated war games. The highly-skilled UEEN Aggressor Squadron 323, specializing in mimicking Vanduul tactics, was selected to be outfitted with these Human-made Glaives and have been operating training skirmishes around the clock to make sure the brave pilots defending the Empire are ready when the next marauding clan attacks.

    Working in conjunction with Original Systems, Esperia has been granted permission to produce a small run of these Glaive reproductions to make available to the first 1000 elite Arena Commander pilots who successfully completing the all-new Vanduul Swarm survival mode. Anyone who completes the mode will also unlock the design as a flyable ship in-game, for use with Rental Equipment Credits.

    “The Esperia brand’s partnership with Original Systems allows us to showcase their new, more exciting and more thrilling Arena Commander gameplay alongside the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that our craftsman are known for,” said Danna Manley, president and CEO of Esperia. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring this unique flying experience from the simpod to your hangar.”  "


    Have fun


  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,594
    Originally posted by Erillion
    GamesCom update: Chris Roberts shows the new Star Citizen HOTAS stick from Saitek (various variants, including X-65 based) Trackball on Stick and Throttle (so you can fly with mouse AND stick at the same time ;-) detachable throttle , extra button panel , OLED Screen   Have fun

    "Trackball on Stick and Throttle"


    OMG, this I have to see !  Who needs dumb hat-switches, lol


    Where do I pay ?


    EDIT: Lmao, just checked the Saitek website and discovered they actually have a separate category of controllers for FARMING SIMULATORS ! Wtf ?

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    Test Drive the Merlin snub fighter for free. Its a really impressive piece of close range fighter hardware.

    For all you fellow Constellation owners .... its one of the best parts of the Connie !

    Have fun
  • Icky_BlehIcky_Bleh Member UncommonPosts: 11
    edited August 2015
    This game still fake?

    Cool drawings though....
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  • KatillaKatilla Member UncommonPosts: 791
    No info on the vanguard?
  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    Questions and Answers about the Retaliator and its modules.

    Have fun

    "What happens to the old Retaliator? Does it stay as a solid block of torpedo only ship or will it be changed to modular base variant with torpedo bays?

    Existing Retaliator pilots do not need to purchase another ship! Your current Retaliator is now equivalent to the base with two torpedo bays installed. You can purchase separate modules this week to swap onto your existing ship.

    Will the Retaliator have variants in addition to the modules or does the modular system replace variants?

    This will depend on the ship. Some will continue to have variants while some will have a single base with modular portions (think of how real world aircraft might have the ability to be retrofitted for different roles, while others might have several different types manufactured depending on missions.) As a rule of thumb, military ships are more likely to have traditional variants than civilian ones.

    We do not currently plan additional Retaliator variants, although they’re possible. It’s likely the UEE has built several different hulls over the year! (Similar to how there’s a B-17D, E, F, G and so on with various improvements/changes.)

    How will the Retaliator be without any modules installed, aka the unladen hull? Will it just be two holes in the hull?

    A Retaliator without modules installed would have large portions of the interior inaccessible.

    Will all ships have modules, if not which ships will get modules?

    No! It will vary from ship to ship; many will have individual components you change and only some will be specifically designed to swap out modules. We can’t give you the entire rundown today, but we will go ahead and announce that the Endeavor platform is designed around a similar system of modules that change based on role.

    Will these modules fit in other ships of relative size in the future?

    Potentially! We imagine using them in a larger, interconnected system in the future. These will likely follow logical rules in the game universe: Aegis might build other ships to use the same modules, while Anvil ships would have their own process. Imagine, for instance, a future medium bomber similar to the Retaliator that might let you choose only one of these modules instead of two!

    How is insurance handled on a per module basis? Will we always have to insure modules separate from the base vessel?

    The insurance on the modules and the base ship are separate. This is intended to keep the original, torpedo-bomber version of the Retaliator unique: having one is the only way to get LTI on the bomb-related modules.

    Does the installation of modules change the outside look of the hull based on the modules installed?

    This will vary from ship to ship; modules will significantly alter the Endeavor, while the change to the Retaliator will usually be negligible.

    What situations can the dropship module be used in? Or what was the idea of CIG when creating them?

    This will tie into the gameplay we intend to introduce with Star Marine! We envision a future where there will be a need to deliver marines to hot landing zones or for boarding larger ships.

    Why are front and aft modules with identical function not simply one module that fit in both locations?

    As noted above, we see these modules as the first step to a larger system. Having two smaller modules in a single ship gives you much more customizability. Sure, you can build a pure cargo Retaliator or a pure living version… but you can also mix and match to perform multiple roles. As the number of ships that use modules increases and the number of options available goes up, this will allow for significantly more gameplay.

    Will we be able to begin installing these modules in our ship with AC 2.0? If not when do you expect us to be able to do that roughly?

    Modules will likely start coming online ‘in game’ after Arena Commander 2.0 launches; we do not have a specific date or patch to announce yet.

    On modules in general: Will modules for all the possible jobs/roles in Star Citizen be available for all ships? Or will it be decided that perhaps a Retaliator can’t be used for mining or a Cutlass can’t be used for exploration? I’ve used arbitrary examples of course!

    No, there will always be limitations – we don’t see every ship as being able to fulfill every role (and especially, we don’t see every hull as being effective for every task.) We do have a mining module in development for the Retaliator, but because of the nature of the ship it would be significantly less useful than the technology on a dedicated ship like the Orion.

    How will the changing of the modules work, will there be a system in your hangar that does automatically, or is this something you have to manually install with a crane.

    This will be done using a future version of the holotable, similar to how guns, shields and other components are changed.

    What are the benefits of “living space”? Is it cosmetic as well as functional? (such as being able to transport passengers?) Or mostly cosmetic?

    Living space will let you use the Retaliator as a personal transport and tie into the larger passenger system discussed during the Starliner rollout… but in addition to that, it’s intended to speak towards personal customization, a place you can set up as your own much like you will your Hangar.

    Will the modules be added to the EA REC store once they are Arena Commander ready?

    Yes, where appropriate (there likely won’t be a good reason to have a non-combat Retaliator immediately, but that will change as we begin prototyping other systems live.)

    Will there be an option to reduce the needed crew for the Tali (e.g. swapping the turrets with something else, but also keeping some punch)?

    Yes, but this type of customization would take place using the existing systems: you can remove turrets, guns, etc. without changing these modules.

    The current base model Retaliator comes with LTI, a hangar, a model, and the poster. Will the original Retaliators have these items retroactively added to them as well?

    Yes, we will grant the model and poster to all backers who purchase an empty Retaliator hull."

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580
    Katilla said:
    No info on the vanguard?
    Not yet. More info on the "Endeavor" hull (and its hospital ship variant "Hope") currently filtering out (see post above).

    Have fun
  • MukeMuke Member RarePosts: 2,610
    Erillion said:

    The new JumpPoint magazine is out, with lots of information about the Merlin snub fighter.

    Got that BMW feeling about it ;-)    ... and as a proud Constellation owner i will soon be able to fly it, as the

    Multi-Crew ship update will be announced in 2 weeks at GamesCom 2015.


    Have fun


    How about the content that does not involve the release of ships?
    Space stations, planets, the universe, trading.....has that been developed yet?

    Because you can have 500000 ships released, but you need a universe to fly it in.

    "going into arguments with idiots is a lost cause, it requires you to stoop down to their level and you can't win"

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580
    Muke said:

    How about the content that does not involve the release of ships?
    Space stations, planets, the universe, trading.....has that been developed yet?
    They are working on it, as you can read in the monthly reports.

    Multiple landing zones are in development (e.g. ArcCorp, Terra, Earth, Nyx etc.)

    The first one (Zone 18, planet ArcCorp, system Stanton) will be the location for the first test of the "Social" module, which is scheduled to be released at the end of this month. There is a video about parts of this landing zone in the GamesCom thread.

    Two space stations have been shown yet  (pirate infested Golden Horizon station and the much larger Crusader station, see GamesCom multicrew demo video and FPS demo video). The Golden Horizon is the location of the PvP arena later this year when the FPS module is released. 

    There is also the "Enders game" inspired SATA Ball zero-g sports arena, which should come soon (with or before the FPS module).

    First version of buying and trading should be possible within the Social Module.

    Have fun
  • Icky_BlehIcky_Bleh Member UncommonPosts: 11
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    I'm scared to see how much money this game will cost because you know damn well its going to be very cash shop heavy and pay to win. If people are spending so much cash on drawings already it can only get worse. But its probably easier to sell people dreams then reality. 

    Shop smart... then have fun 

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  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580

    The standard Vanguard twin engine long range fighter (Vanguard Warden) has now got two more variants. The Vanguard Harbinger is a light bomber, while the Vanguard Sentinel is a dedicated E(lectronic)W(arfare) platform. All are designed to go on deep strike, multi-jump missions.

    Have fun
  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 8,580
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