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Gold Seller Spam.

KamofilaKamofila Member UncommonPosts: 116
People in game are actually defending the gold selling, i cannot believe people are willing to sub and pay additional money on top of that in an attempt to PAY TO WIN.  Trion is clearly doing little to change this.  I don't see myself playing mmo's much longer if this is the money throwing mentality that is choking more and more life each day out of the hobby i used to love.

Do you like lollipops? Suck it. Don't bite you greedy twit.


  • Bad.dogBad.dog Member UncommonPosts: 1,131
    Originally posted by DMKano

    I have never yet seen anyone defend gold sellers in game.

    Gold selling companies will resort to any means - stealing accounts, using stolen credit cards, botting etc.... defending them would be akin to defending somebody who broke into your house and is beating up your kid.


    So while I'm sure this happens - this is a rare exception not the norm.

    Also gold spam is a pale shadow of what it was at launch, to say that nothing is being done would be very innacurate.

    Also buying gold - Trion tracks down gold sellers and has already removed gold from the game - so just don't do it - its all around a dumb move.


    I think you are seeing a fire sale .....looks to me like we are seeing a going out of business blitz

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