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Have iphone and Android servers merged yet? tempted to give it a go again.

SararielSarariel Member UncommonPosts: 301

I attempted to play the game a couple of years ago but it seemed awfully quiet on my EU server, however, I read some forum posts claiming that the Iphone and the Android servers are merging, is this true?


If so, I'd be really eager to try it out again as I just got the galaxy s5 and I'd imagine it would run amazingly on it


  • SararielSarariel Member UncommonPosts: 301

    'El bumpo.

    Can't seem to find any recent posts online, I really hope they have

  • BlaedusBlaedus Member UncommonPosts: 100
    As of now, no. The Apple and Android Servers haven't been merged, and I really don't think they're ever gonna be...

    I suggest checking out Albion Online when it comes out. I'm really only playing O&C til then. AO is gonna have cross-platform play
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