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(Rep) {The Bastion} Womp Rat Fever

Womp Rat Fever has returned from a long hiatus.  We are now located on The Bastion server (US,PVP), and have opened recruitment.  Check us out at wompratfever.enjin.com.

We are looking for new members that are interested in re-building the guild from the ground up.  Our goal is simple: Create a community of players that are interested in having a great time playing SWTOR, and doing it well.  Without all the drama that comes from being a "progression" or "hardcore" guild.

That doesn't mean we are in open recruitment for anyone and everyone just to get our numbers up.  To be a Womp Rat means not succumbing to the Great Vortex of Suck.  It also means not being an asshat to people that want to get better, but are not currently at top performance levels in-game.  None of us claim to be the best players in the game, but all of us have a desire to be better than average.


Having fun is our priority here.  When gaming starts to feel like work, no one enjoys it.  The officers don't enjoy it because it brings drama and strife to their collective inboxes.  We are focused on clearing content at a pace we all feel comfortable with as a group, because, really, we're too lazy to burn out trying to get server first on anything.   Our founding members have been there and done that.  It ISN'T FUN.

We are also focused on PvP, playing objectively and winning and losing with grace.  (Unless you are in the mumble channel.  Then it might be a little less than graceful.)

The point is that we were all new players at one point, but that doesn't make us a bunch of newbs.  Newbs suck, and have no intention of ever not sucking.  All of us here at WRF want to make sure we learn from our failures and move forward.


At no point will anyone in the guild look down on you for making a mistake, or asking for help.


So welcome back to those who've returned, and fill out an app if any of this sounds like something you're interested in.  

In this initial phase of recruitment we're specifically looking for people that want to help build the guild from the ground up, but no matter your personal level of involvement, know that your opinion will really matter here.  I may be the GM, but I'm not your boss/slavemaster/dictator.  Even if my title is "El Duce" in-game.

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