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Knights of Valor



Knights of Valor




We are a PVP guild that also does PVE, with 155 members  and is growing everyday. Our main focus ATM is PVP on Thornblade Campaign. KoV isn't a EG zerg sheep guild,  TS/vent  is not required to be able to PVP with us, but if you have TS its a plus. 


Our main Guild PVP nights (beside everyday) are Tuesday and Sunday on Thronblade Campaign we normaly start around 830ish est until we pass out which can be around 4am, but you dont have to stay up that late ;p 

Crafting wise we have every craft maxed within the guild, so getting good gear isnt a issue just need to provide the Materials.


PVE we plan to start running groups and Craglorn grind groups to help level up guildmates for PVP. Once we get enough numbers that want to do Trials we will run them.


Our main goal is to have fun playing ESO in a mature environment  so please no Drama Llamas. we have a website which is its a bit dusty but we are slowly getting guildmates to use it ;p



If you wish to speak to an officer please email or whisper







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