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Changelog v.0.0.8f10 and Steam Keys!

JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172
Changelog v.0.0.8f10

– Added Steam key allowing to add game to steam library for every user with Knight or higher status (you can find your Steam key in user panel)
– fixed logging off bug causing server overload and lags
– added big fix to character’s position synchronisation (please report if oppressive moving the character back will occur)
– fixed bug preventing players to gather some of the resources
– fixed bug blocking character after drawing one of the longswords
– fixed bug causing controller’s desynchronisation after weapon changing and while punching
– fixed bug in attacking animation just after weapon drawing
– fixed stabbing animation for two-handed weapon
– removed reflexes displayed on character while it is underwater
– fixed blocking and moving animation glitches for longsword
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