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im the first poster in this particular forums....

VampirVampir Member Posts: 4,239
if no one responds even so let the record show i was the first to post here.....


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  • panjitpanjit Member Posts: 153

    Well I have second then ::::28::

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  • JenkzJenkz Member UncommonPosts: 93

    ..annnd 3rd here ::::24::

  • milhoan6milhoan6 Member CommonPosts: 580
    4th in this threadimage...I forgot I had a second life account had it for over 6 months...maybe I'll go install the game again tonight...too bad I forget my characters anme and password!image
  • majochmajoch Member Posts: 599
    Doesn't look like this forum is taking off at all.  I think I gave Second Life a shot about 5-6 months ago but didn't get the hang of it.
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