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Is PvP still "The Endgame" and is it still broken?

TroySpiralTroySpiral Member CommonPosts: 2

PvP was eseentially the "endgame" as there was (is) no "raid bosses" or anything like that.  

Is that still the case?


Is it still the case that whoever goes first in the PvP continues to go first for the rest of the game , thus having a HUGE advatage, rendering PvP kinda silly.  People were screaming about t his on the forums when I was playing, and when I checked back like a year later it still was not fixed.


If you dont play PvP at max level / gear  you probably wont notice this problem. 

thanks for your time.


  • luisrkillerluisrkiller Member UncommonPosts: 107

    I honestly do think PvP is sorta the endgame in W101, unless you count Morganthe and Waterworks farming as endgame. I don't consider those endgame because you're no necessarily working towards anything other than gear that is pretty much not needed at all except for PvP, which is currently the only end game content. You can literally walk into any dungeon with low level armor and beat it if you have the skill, so when you do gear up in this game it's with the goal of getting ready to PvP. 

    It'd be nice to see KingsIsle implement some sort of progression system because in the long run, people are going to get bored with just PvPing as there is really no incentive at all. Some 10 man raids at the least would be an awesome first step in the right direction.

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