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The Remnants of Hope / Vestige of Despair - PvX - Both Factions

Remnants of Hope (Republic) || Vestige of Despair (Imperial)
"Light From a Few Can Be a Beacon to Many"

 Website: remnantsofhope.com

 Focus: PvX - PvP/PvE/Roleplay/Crafting

 Timezone: Pacific - International. Raid times in Eastern.

 VOIP: TeamSpeak3 (Optional, but encouraged)

 Recruitment Status: Open

 Division Commander: Colt

 Guild Officers: Aloriana [PvE] - Larial [Roleplay] - Shellra [Imperial] - Kaxon [PvP] - Kazu [Crafting] - Cye [Recruitment] (Full Up-to-date Leadership Roster)

About Us: Founded on June 7th, 2009, Remnants of Hope has become a thriving multi-game community dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2, with Wildstar our newest addition. We have worked together to establish and maintain a positive image and presence throughout our existence. Our primary focus is and always has been the community itself. With a healthy community, any problem we face can be overcome with the diversity and experience of many voices united in seeing us continue to grow and prosper.

Our Goal: Our main goal is the server as a place of relaxation and fun for everyone. In order to ensure that each of our members has the best experience possible, we sustain an atmosphere of integrity and respect with a constant drive to improve.

Gaming Focus - PvX: Remnants of Hope is here to give you the opportunity to create your own playstyle. We have dedicated officers committed to helping you find whatever you are looking for. We have PvPers of all different classes and builds, crafters and theorycrafters, roleplayers from all over the galaxy, and two progression teams with a third, Imperial-based team looking for new faces. From casual to hardcore interest, we aim high in order to allow everyone to progress through new and old content alike with both factions.

What We Offer:
  • Organized, highly active website and forums.
  • TeamSpeak3 Server.
  • Active community outreach.
  • Organized PvE and PvP.
  • Friendly community and environment.
  • Dedicated and driven leaders.
  • A focus on both factions.
What We Look For:
  • Good and respectful attitude.
  • Maturity.
  • Friendly nature.
  • Team Player.

Join Us - Start Your Journey Today!

Come to our forums at remnantsofhope.com and register as a user! From there, go to our Application Center and fill out the application form. We have a Trial process that begins once your application is accepted; give it your best! The application helps give us a good feel for who you are and what you have to say. During the two weeks of your Trial phase, you will have a set of requirements to complete. You will have access to our forums and everything our community has to offer! Once your objectives have been completed and your two weeks finished, you will be contacted by the SWTOR Recruitment Department for an interview to be conducted through TeamSpeak (through text if voice is not possible.) These questions range from basic knowledge of our community to more personal, engaging questions about your experience. After the interview, it'll just be a few days!


  • RoHBotRoHBot Member Posts: 3
    Hope everyone made it out alive in all of the Black Friday craziness! Make sure you are stocked up on those amazing cartel coin deals. 

    Everyone is really looking forward to the new expansion, and we're all geared up for it! If you need a guild to tackle the expansion with, feel free to apply to Remnants of Hope here.

    RoH wishes everyone a happy holidays!
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