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Star Trek Online (SIP) Should I Play Series

SilentstormSilentstorm Member UncommonPosts: 1,126

A Look into STO Video

Well by now you should get the method behind this series. If I'm showing it? More than likely you should be playing it. Fans of the shows and movies will feel right at home. Because the game does an excellent job telling stories. And making you feel as if you truly are a Starfleet Captain.


I can also give this title the king of the most balanced (Pay2Win) Perfect World has. Those aspects come into play with the games endgame ships and lock boxes. To the impatient it is very pay2win. Because outside of waiting for ship giveaways. You really can't get any ships beyond paying for it (Unless).


You build Dilithium a in game currency source that the game freely throws at you. The catch is you can only refine and use 8k per day.  So lets take that into consideration. A ship I want cost 120k Dilithium. So that means it will take me 15 days to get that ship for free. Or pay 25 dollars to buy it with zen. So its play normally 15 days or pay. This is where things get unfair for a company.


Because people have complained about this. And called it OMG pay2win and stomped around forums. Now my thing is who told you that you HAD to pay 25 dollars. When you can clearly do it for free with nothing stopping. Beyond the 8k a day limit. Another thing to note by the time you get end game. I had about 30k Dilithium from normal questing. 


As for the lockboxes it's another case of earn it. To open lockboxes you need Master Keys. Master keys in the auction go for 2 million space credits. Space credits is the games default source of currency. You can earn space credits pretty easy and fast. As you head towards max level. A quick tip would be pay close attention to the Duty Officer system. Always have your whole crew off on missions. And always be profiting from it. You be surprised how much it adds up.


To sum up my time in this game. It's fun a great story for people close to and not close to the Star Trek Universe. And in my opinion it's the best PWE game to play. Give it a shot and try it out for yourself. A new expansion is coming out tomorrow so see you in game.



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