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getting past 50 ....

scriscuoliscriscuoli Member UncommonPosts: 15

A long time ago .... but in this galaxy, I played STO when it first came out ... I came back to it recently and went Klingon Tactical. I really liked the additions of the duty officers and found progressing to level 50 enjoyable and quick. When I had reached level 40 (Brigadier Genera) I thought I might like to use the ship that had more engineer bridge crew than tactical ... having decided that I didn't like that ship but not having enough to buy the other ship outright, I equipped my Captain's ship with better equipment and told myself that I can make it to level 50 (Lieutenant General) and then get a new "General' ship ...

Well, I made it to 50 and now find that no matter how I 'spec' my points I can't get the Chancellor to give me the promotion token for the new ship and I can't earn any more exp for my char since I'm playing the play for free version ...

Am I missing something or is this what I should have expected ?




  • CalavryCalavry Member UncommonPosts: 51

    Have you allocated all your skill points ?

    You need level 50 plus 366,000 Skill Points used.

  • scriscuoliscriscuoli Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Yep - 267,500 space and 98,500 ground


  • scriscuoliscriscuoli Member UncommonPosts: 15
    I want to be clear - the screen says I'm a Lt General and I'm level 50 and I've spent the right amount of points. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding something ... do we get a new ship token at 50 like did at 40,30,20, .... ? I'm seeing that some of the ships are limited to the folks who have played forever (or 3000 days :)  )  and I get that ... but I keep reading that "all" level 50 players get access to tier 5 ships ... and this is where I'm stuck.
  • nattiusnattius Member Posts: 22
    The last ship i got given was the star cruiser at rear admiral/Brigadier general grade (40) with a gold sub. Access to higher grade ships seems to be just that, access to, not given the use of :/ The Star Cruiser is considered Tier 5 mind so i imagine the one you dont like is that tier 5 ship
  • scriscuoliscriscuoli Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Ah well, that would at least explain what I'm seeing - thanks for the insight. I'm quite cash poor compared to how much these ships cost so I guess I'll have to decide if I'm gonna make the time investment as there is little chance I will pay real money for the zen necessary to buy one ...


    thanks again for your help.

  • anothernameanothername Member UncommonPosts: 194

    The last free promotion token ship is with level 40; which is the first range of T5 "endgame" ships. from there on the "higher" ships are T5 with certain plusses up to the currently highest T5U & T6 (actually very beefed T5). While indeed more powerful none of the ships after the free T5 offers the magnitude in power increase that a free T5 offers compared to a free T4 (but some are pretty close to it).


    In other words: The free T5 is capable to do everything PvE & big problems usually are based on inexperience in equipment/setup (but that will come automatically + enough folks around to help :) ).


    There are other free/easy ways to get other ships. For once there would be the mirror univers ships in the exchange wich ranges in pricing around 150k up to about 2 mil depending on which one. Those are on the same level as the free T5 but usually with a twist.


    On winter/summerevents are daily quests on which you can collect event marks and after about 2 weeks (iirc) of doing the (usually 5 min) daily you can get one of the event ships that are of T5 fleet level (previously highest) and now can upgraded for free to T5U (currently highest together with T6).


    Also (but very grindy) you can trade the dillithium gained in game into Zen for C-store stuff. Almost equaly grindy you can also get those very rare lockbox ships from the exchange but we are talking about massive millions of EC that are required for those.


    I hope that clears some questions :)

  • hatefulpeacehatefulpeace Member UncommonPosts: 621
    Lol, you have to buy it with cash. Or spend to long grinding for it. 
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