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Worth hopping in again?

yamamushiyamamushi Member UncommonPosts: 1

I see that the population numbers stay quite high in Achaea, but I have to wonder how many of those are alt-accounts, as there are several other muds that are filled with alts instead of actual players.

I'd love to hop back into Achaea and give it another shot after all these years, the possibility for roleplay immersion was fantastic. However it's no fun if there's only a handful of people actually in the massive world at any given time.

Should I give this another shot?


  • noisewagonnoisewagon Member Posts: 1
    I really think so. They keep adding so much to this game, and though there are some alts, it seems that more and more new players continue to come into the realms. I've really enjoyed coming back to this game after many years of dormancy.
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