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Russian game - Possibly called Epic Power

Apparently this game is not originally in English, looks Russian. "????????? ????" is the original title name. Google Translate converts it to Epic Power, it might be Epic Might. It's also available for the Android


This is the description translated. I won't be playing this until it's translated to English, I can't stand games without multiple language support.


"Epic Power" - Free MMORPG game with dynamic and fun gameplay.

For centuries, the inhabitants of the land at war Narmasa peoples who came from across the sea Šejval northerners and aboriginal narmastsev, tempered in battles.However, a new attack threatens both nations: breeds evil in narmasskih forests and the undead rises sheyvanskih villages. 
heroes of the two nations have met in the epic battle against the forces of evil, if you become the best of them?

- Integrate with other players to create clans! 
- Fully animated 3D battles 
- Simple and easy combat system 
- over 50 gaming locations 
- 100 + monsters 
- 600 + unique items of equipment 
- 1000 + interesting jobs 
- Duels and massive PvE and PvP battles 
- A variety of fighting styles and combat capabilities 
- Ability to change the style of combat without creating a new character 
- developed system of communications between the players 
- War of the earth! 
- Players above level 5 can participate in regularly scheduled tournaments throughout the day! 
- Get information the selected potion or scroll during a fight 
- Ability to transfer a character to another device

Stylish and colorful 3D-graphics will make your journey through the world of legends of the mighty Warriors Epic relics fun and memorable! 
Move on the fascinating story shoulder to shoulder with tens of thousands of other players, fight with various monsters and real opponents. Become the most famous warrior of peace Narmasa, smite their enemies and admired friends, rising to stardom!

21 years of MMORPGs



  • SararielSarariel Member UncommonPosts: 301

    I'd say Order and Chaos online is still a little bit ahead


    Would be nice to have an english version of this though, so we have more choices.


    Order and chaos online seems to be the only decent mmo on android

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