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Blog #104: How the Auction House Works

MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member UncommonPosts: 3,219

How the Auction House Works


Dutch Auctions and You


We introduced a new feature into the Alpha with the 8.2 update - Auction Houses. This is the missing piece of the puzzle that enables the game to start to develop a viable economy. Players can now buy and sell on the markets created by these Auction Houses. 

We have implemented a style of auction, the "Dutch Auction", that may be new to you so we wanted to explain how it works in more detail.

What is a Dutch Auction?



What is the Bank and how does it work?

The Bank is the building where you access the Local Vault and your Abadar credit. There is a Bank in each Settlement. Items you place in the Local Vault are only accessible at that specific location. When you visit the Bank any coins in your character's inventory are converted to universally available Abadar credit. When you need to pay a fee or a sale price in the Auction House the funds are withdrawn from your Abadar credit and/or your character's inventory automatically by the system as needed.

Abadar The God of Banks


Abadar is a lawful neutral aligned deity with a portfolio of Cities, Wealth, Merchants and Law. His Banks provide important economic services throughout the River Kingdoms.

Local Vault Storage


When you move something from your inventory to the Local Vault, it will remain at that Local Vault until you return and reclaim it.

Why Have Local Vaults


We want to make transportation a major aspect of the economy. Needing to move raw materials, processed crafting supplies, and finished goods from place to place creates many engaging activities. It means that transportation is a career, guarding transports is a career, and of course attempting to rob transports is a career.

It also means that there will be arbitrage.

What is the difference between Coin and Credit?


We don't want to make all the money in the game an inventory item that has to be transported from place to place like physical goods.

When you defeat a monster (human or otherwise) you may receive some Coin as a part of the loot. This coin is not virtual. It is actual hard currency and when we add husks and husk looting in the near future, that Coin can be recovered from your husk if you are killed.

How does the Auction House work?


You can do two things in the Auction House:  Buy and sell.

  • Buying
  • Selling

You have to decide what you want to sell, and the price you want to offer it for sale as well as the minimum price you'll accept.

Tricks & Tips


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