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Lineage 3

DarkHeart2DarkHeart2 Member Posts: 493

Post ideas and improvments that you would like to see in Lineage 3.


More Stronger Pets
Crafting System For All Races But The Little People Would Still Be Better
More BOT Protection
More Mounts

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  • PeterPainPeterPain Member Posts: 41

    Make it completely different from Lineage 2.

  • KdarKdar Member Posts: 41
    Ahh, Dont make it image
  • coolcloud368coolcloud368 Member Posts: 57

    Lineage 3? they haven't even released all 12 chronocles of Lineage 2 yet.

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  • hooligan14hooligan14 Member Posts: 44

    More Quests

    A feature kind of like the X-Box lve report feature only for suspected botting, so if you think that I player is botting you just click the player, click the box and your done.  And say that so many clicks would get a GM to investigate it.

    More armor/weapons and have it so there are several different top weapon choices each with different bonuses so each player doesnt look identical.

  • DezuriaDezuria Member Posts: 43

    An actual fun game.

  • LordVanidorLordVanidor Member Posts: 70

    I'd like to see more nudity in Lineage III. I'd also like to see bigger boobs and more 'physics'.

  • zensaberzensaber Member Posts: 800

    kew movement and real time battle system more quests, Mirc ingame, some other kewl things, more char design

  • modomodo Member Posts: 16

    I like the mouse interface alot and I think that's one of L2's strongest features. Other than that, lessenthe grind and add instanced missions a la SWG or AO and it's perfect.

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  • ListOpenListOpen Member Posts: 21

    ..........just for dream..



  • pepewebpepeweb Member Posts: 1
    I want horses!!
  • o.o I have to agree with an different game...L2 is boring in long at first, but at high levels it becomes so boring.

    I would say, more gameplay, added jobs (not like skills and stuff...more like work jobs, so it isn't just kill kill kill), example, fishing, gathering, minning, tailoring and so on (a lot like UO)

    More options to personalize your character, from more hair colors (like lot of them..not just 5/6 colors for each hair style), also more faces (if possible, able to pick up the eyes, mouth, nose, tattoos..and not predefined face sets) different skin colors?

    Build system, where people can buy a piece of land, and build an house there...o.o add a farming area? trees? maybe some livestock, cows..etc.

    I know, some of this ideas are boring for most players...since they love the massive killing, and pk system...but other players hate all this, and would prefer to build their own house and leave teh monster killing just to level the combat skills.

    anyway...there is going to be an L3... it is under the engine 3, in announced games... let's see if they do it or not.

  • tablotablo Member UncommonPosts: 40

    My Suggestion:DONT MAKE ANOTHER STUPID LINEAGE AND MOVE ON TO OTHER STUFF!!!::::26::::::27::::::40::::::11::

  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291
    Lineage 1 and Lineage 2 are the biggest MMO's in the world.  There will be a Lineage III whether you like it or not.  And jeez what is with the caps.....
  • bigdawg78bigdawg78 Member Posts: 30

    There is no doubt Lineage and Lineage ][ are two of the most popular mmog on the globe. I would be surprised if NCSoft fails to follow up on this money making machine with a third evolution.

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    There are a lot of improvements that the game could have. I don't want to see them take away the clan mentality or the difficulty in leveling a clan and/or character. Games where it's so easy to reach the highest rung get boring fast. I can play Lineage2 for six years and never reach my potential. I think this is even more true for NA servers where we lack the massive server populations and group skills required to overcome server mobs like Antharas.

    However, there are some things I think that could be done. Based on Lineage's history the crafting and material gathering really should stick with the dwarves. People who play dwarves get an opportunity to enjoy a facet of the game few other games include (the street market). I wouldn't mind seeing some optional trade systems though with minor benefits.

    I also agree with one of the above posters about pets and the pet system. I'd like to be able to train more pets a little bit more independantly. The pets should be stronger and should provide a similar capability of a true duo instead of a weak easily killed companion who is only there to suck up food (aka adena) and cause you grief by dying frequently.

    Hopefully the lessons NCSoft is learning with lineage2 will help guide them in creating a better combat system for all levels. Most of us remember (and have noticed) that the game is constantly evolving and catering to the average level of the public over all the servers. Hence, the system is pretty good right now up to about level 55ish, but 55+ has some rough edges. I'd like to think L3 would have this fixed from the get go, but most likely they will pop the game out as soon as it's ready for lower level starting players since that is all that will be there to begin with.

    The graphics are beautiful in L2 and they'd be stupid to not keep them to at least that level of detail; however, the more powerful 3d engine should allow things that l2 did not have such as jumping, more combat animations, more character variations, and less video-induced lag (not really lag...more like a pseudo lag due to a heavy video card load).

    I'd like to see more mounts too. Many of us experienced this in WoW and I don't think it's a bad system to incorporate. It's a wonderful asset to quest for and earn, yet shouldn't be as difficult as a stryder which eventually leads to a dragon mount (which only 1 in a thousand players will ever see and/or experience). I'd like to see more combat skills, more magic skills, more types of buffs, more character profession changes, and a more dynamic interface that might allow the user to modify such as with WoW. I loved the pliable interface of that game.

    Of course bots will run rampant and NCSoft will have to step up the tempo to counter bots taking over Aden. Hackers will counter and bots will increase. NCSoft will counter and they will decrease. It will be an unending tide that is derived from the intense game grind and difficult monatery trade system that forces player to work hard to achieve something. It's something I've come to accept and live with. Prices fluxuate and one is too survive one has to play their game so-to-speak. (and no, I'm not a botter). However, if the price of an Samurai Longsword is inflated to 2x it's fair value, I will sell mine for 2x that value and so on. L2 is a difficult game in many ways but I feel like it's more of an achievement by far than others.

    I can only hope L3 is as such but with more options for the user.

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