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What is your dream game?

fawdfawd Member Posts: 367

What is your dream game?  What is it like?  What can you do?  What are the options?  What type of game would it be?


My Dream Game would be amazing!image  It would be a MMORPG much like Everquest 2, but on a much larger scale.  There would be huge cities, with markets, arenas, residential areas, commercial areas, parks, and much more. 

Each Zone would be massive in size.  Some would be beautiful, others would be as baren as a desert.   You would be able to spend hours exploring and not get bored.  I would find an amazing area, with a beach infront, and a vast jungle behind, away from all civilization.  Right in the middle, would be my cottage  image  and a garden.  Oh, and a small lake /w a waterfall!  (wouldnt that be sweet?)

Deep in each zone, you can find a dungeon.  A scarey dungeon (much like doom 3) With creatures that pop out of the shadows, and sneak up from behind. 


That is my dream game...  Whats yours?


  • APEistAPEist Member UncommonPosts: 409

    A pvp centric mmorpg with twitch combat (rl skill based as well as ingame character attribute based).

    1.  completely hand made world.  it would have to be HUGE and interesting.  something to see every 50 feet kinda thing.

    2. purposeful pvp combat.  full loot, kindoms and towns, sieging, all that great stuff.

    3. balance between all the skills.  a good balance must be achieved, in order to keep from over powering templates.

    4. pvp based end game. something that would keep you busy forever, basically.


    Games looking forward to: Fallen Earth, Mortal Online

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  • EnolaGayEnolaGay Member Posts: 39

    A skill based game…NOT level based like EQ or Lineage.  3D graphics with a good First Person view.  Totally open skills (with caps) no dumb character templates or classes.  Multiple races to play.  Player housing and player made towns/cities.  Open ended game play/story so its not just a race to lvl 70 or whatever.   Lots of different mounts, boats, even wagons for traders or clan travel

    TOTALLY 100% OPEN PVP/PKing.  With LOOTING!!!! A bounty/vigilantly reward system..  Clan wars, faction wars, race wars, town sieges.  Multiple castles in different zones with castle ownership rewards and castle sieges like Lineage2

    A great crafting system that is dependant on crafting NOT hunting monsters to gain crafting skills or obtain items (except for items such as bones/animal skins).  An experimental crafting system sort of like Star Wars Galaxies where crafters can make improvements on weapons/armor with a stamping system like Ultima Online where the crafter can stamp his items with a seal so people know who made it.

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  • jackman11118jackman11118 Member Posts: 399

    A real life mmorpg. All classes that you can choose from in real life would be in the ones in the game. Wars would always go on with the army. Political races to top positions. Underground fighting tournaments held by anyone and have everyone be able to bet, and fight.

    Crime and the law system where crimnals can do w/e they want, unless a cop chases em down and books em. The only thing you cant do is work in a cubicle for 8 hours a day. that would be outta the question.

    Oh yea, 10 years after the game is launched, it would turn into a Sci fi setting, where there would be all new classes but in the future. with space ships shooting down each other and all that jazz.


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Basically I would chain Brad and make him do a solo oriented game and forbid him to even put a grouping option, and let him work wonders!  image  It would be skill based.


    Then I would put a parallel group system like you see in most games, but that dont affect and is not affected by the solo system.  It would be class based.


    Then I would add differents systems for anything I think is forgotten, and each system would be independant.  They would all be casual oriented at start except for the 2 aboves, and upon been maxed by many players, we would developp them further.


    I would also make sure to put a cap on everything, so nothing ever become pointless.  You zone in noob03 area, you are level 15, I dont care if you are level 4728492 in the END game, in noob03 area you are level 15 and the best gear for the zone drop in it, not in whatever unreachable place...so the casuals rule casual lands.


    Then, for the real hardcore players, I would include the option to sacrifice your toons in order to open new races, that happen to be weakers then every others races, but cool looking and having some zones access no others races have and a unique ability(very good but that dont really outmatch the flaws of been weaker), and a better potential then non-sacrificed races have, so they eventually are strongers...but since there is a cap on every zone, for a casual, those races are ALWAYS weaker...it is just they are always in weird ''unheard off'' zones.  Those new zones would be less then 10% of the zones of the game, and the graphics would be extremely neats.  There would be heavy disclaimer to tell the peoples about how hard this road is.  Those races would be extremely hard to level up.


    Death penalty would be debt & amount of lifes per month, you are out of lifes, you cant play that toon.  So the hardcores would be freaked, the casual would be unaffected by those amount of lifes, but debt work wonders on casuals.  A Corpse run would restore some points which you can use to buy back a life after many Corpse run, so peoples would try to do it, but would not cry if cant.  The loot would remain on the corpse for 3 hours, then it will magically return to you if you didnt do the corpse run for any reason, and the corpse will decay to prevent a later corpse run.  There would be some zones where you can play even out of lifes and where you dont lose lifes per month, but I will make sure the GM avoid those zones unless they are masochists GM.  Rez would give additional points to buy back lifes and count like a successfull corpse run, in the best case, 3 corpse run would give you back 1 life(3 rez).  Basic races would all get the same amount of lifes per month, however, I would give destiny points...so a halfling can avoid deaths a LOT more then an elf and just be uncounscious and left for dead by the mobs.  Those destiny points would only refresh after you actually die.  While a destiny point is used(automatic) if you are solo you would be re-appearing at zone in, if you are grouped you would be waiting on the ground and have a pop up offering to make you re-appear at zone in or to start standing again(and heals allowed while on the ground).  Some big extremely nasty mobs would bypass those destiny points, but they would be rare and they will cause a commotion everytime folks see them!


    The raiding system would be completely apart from the grouping and the soloing system, it would not have the same death penalty either, it will in fact dont affect grouping or soloing in anyway, and it will not be affected either.  Raiding would be thrilling and challenging, but average Joe will prolly not take this system with much interest.


    PvP will have nothing to do with the PvE system.  It would work in % and have a few open zones with it own rules, system and loot.  In fact, it may turn to have many systems in time to be interesting.  PvPers would see MOST of the PvE powers, but at least 1 key power of every class or skill tree would be left out, intentionnally.  PvP would get a few unique stuff that PvE dont get as well(the PvE taunt would not work, but it will have a version where you taunt the opponent, but you are also taunted to him in the same process...and it would cancel any other taunt the target may have done or been under the effect off, clerics & paladins(unless they click it to taunt the other) would be plainly immune to taunts, others healers would be tauntable but they would only have a mana penalty if healing rather then attacking you, anyone taunted would get a 20% damage output bonus(including the taunting tank), we all understand that taunting a wizard is indeed a dangerous task, all attacks would be redirected automatically on the taunting target regardless of distances and never be lost for some weird reason).

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  • ZippyZippy Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,412

    1.  Minimum agae of 30.   Keeping the children out would go a long ways to building a good community.  At the very least provide age 30+ and 40+ servers.

    2.  Level based with a mix of skill based.

    3.  Unlimited levels with diminsihing returns.  Ideally it would take years to develop a character not months.

    4.  City building.  Harvesting and crafting similar to Horizons.  Crafters would provide the best gear.

    5.  Quests as good as WoW's,

    6.  Dungeon's as good as EQ1's.

    7.  PvP rp system similar to Daoc.

    8.  Immediate meaningless pvp available 24 hours a day similar to what was designed for Dragon Empires Blood Circus.

    9.  Meaningfull pvp.  City seiging and empire building.

    10.  consenual pvp.

    11.   SOE having no involvement in the game.

    12.  So important that I must mention it again.  No children.

  • RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253
    • UO Year one Ruleset and skill based advancement system and open ended play
    • DAOC RVR/PVP system
    • Massive play area like all of EQ+EQ2+DAOC+AO to the power of 10
    • EQ2 graphics

    That would pretty much do me image

    "MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
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  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    - Open PVP
    - Realtime combat "A-la-Savage:TheBattleForNewerth-style'
    - 2 factions, continues war!
    - GUNS!
  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    A bit of mix and match for me:

    -EQ1 PVE system
    -WoW PVP system
    -Lineage 2 graphic
    -UO city building and freedom of movement
    -CoH character customisation
    -Saga of Ryzom crafting system

  • ImperatorianImperatorian Member Posts: 1,000

    Originally posted by Zippy
    1. Minimum agae of 30. Keeping the children out would go a long ways to building a good community. At the very least provide age 30+ and 40+ servers.
    2. Level based with a mix of skill based.
    3. Unlimited levels with diminsihing returns. Ideally it would take years to develop a character not months.
    4. City building. Harvesting and crafting similar to Horizons. Crafters would provide the best gear.
    5. Quests as good as WoW's,
    6. Dungeon's as good as EQ1's.
    7. PvP rp system similar to Daoc.
    8. Immediate meaningless pvp available 24 hours a day similar to what was designed for Dragon Empires Blood Circus.
    9. Meaningfull pvp. City seiging and empire building.
    10. consenual pvp.
    11. SOE having no involvement in the game.
    12. So important that I must mention it again. No children.

    That wouldn't work. That game is so perfect that I, as a 16 year old, would want to play on it.

    However. May I remind you that not all idiots are necissarely children? I've met at LEAST 5 30+ year olds that acted like complete idiots in games.

    I know, as opposed to the 5000 14 year olds, however, there are more 14 year olds then 30 year olds playing.

  • WillJones420WillJones420 Member Posts: 263

    No children or only those over age 30 is generalizing more than just a bit much. How do you count for people in their twenties who know how to behave, and there are kids and teens out there, believe it or not, who act decently as well. Let us not forget the favorites, the immature adults. ::::27::

    Here are some things that I would like to see in an MMORPG:

    1. All over we're seeing games that cater to and reward to the PVPers: WoW, GW, DAoC, and others. Is there a game out there that actually gives something to the RPers? Probably not, considering there are relatively few of us, but it would be nice to see a game that rewards players for roleplaying their characters instead of just making them as elite as they can be as fast as possible.

    2. The end to persistant game worlds, that is doing away with MMO's where all players do the same exact quests all the time that really have no meaning whatsoever. Sure, the quests in WoW are awesome, but does completing them really have any effect on the world we're supposedly part of now? No. Give us a world that changes as time goes by, and new quests are generated that can actually have an effect on the world after we complete them. This could be done with better AI for the NPC's, and/or a system where higher level players can create quests for other players.

    For instance, a player can have the option of choosing orc as his player race and starting his character in a small clan of orcs living close to a human kingdom. After the orc player has developed some levels and prestige, he can start commanding some of the NPC's, and he, a few of his fellow orc or whatever players, and a band of NPC minions can start raiding the human settlements. In response to this the NPC's in the human lands make a quest for human players to have these orcs taken care of. This can create some awesome roleplaying potential and also include some PVP for those who want that sort of thing.

    That's a game I would be eager to pay money to play in.

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