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Internet connection problems

cukimungacukimunga Member Posts: 2,259

Well I've been having problems with my internet. Sometimes my computer loses it connection if it sits idle long enough. I made sure power options were set to always on, turned hybernate off. I tried using, ipconfig, and also ipconfig renew.

But this past weekend I think I might have found the answer. I was visiting some friends and they were having problems with there computer it was acting slow... They had no firewall up... I put up Zone Alarm installed a Anti spyware programs. I did everythign to make it faster and then they started having the same problems with the internet as I did.

So then it hit me in my stoned daze, zone alarm sucks ass. It was the firewall making my internet connecton screw up. Im pretty sure thats what it is. But I never had a problem with it before, and my Dad had the same problem but I guess it stopped.

Anyone else having these problems? If not then I must be wrong and the problem is somewhere else. And if theres no way to fix it what are some other good FREE firewalls? Thanks for your time



  • themaineventthemainevent Member Posts: 103
    ok, i take it you dont have dial-up. My question to you is, do you have wireless internet? (connected to a router with a wireless thingy)


  • cukimungacukimunga Member Posts: 2,259

    Nope its im on a home network. And the other 2 computers dont have a problem with there conection. But they are also running Zone Alarm also. So I dont know

  • themaineventthemainevent Member Posts: 103
    heh not much i can tell ya then. call ur internet provider. see what they can do for ya


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