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career building...

well, the school year is almost at an end and im getting anxious for another summer break, (whoo! 2 whole months... <- sarcasm) but i wanted to start planning a little for my life ahead of me.

so far i've thought and been interesed in either being an automobile engineer ( to build new cars ), an electronic game designer ( im not shure my meager flash skills wil suffice, hehe ) or work at my family business as a mechanic on heavy machinery ( repairing brocken dump trucks and rock crushers )

the way i see it is, if i work at John's trucking ( the family business ) it might collapse in on itself withen 20 or something years ( its been in business for over 50 years now ) and then i would have no where to go since working for it wont require me a degree. Or i do get a degree at a college for one of the other professions and i'll just specialize in that subject.

If i was to get a degree in game designing or automobile engineer i would need to pick a college. picking a college is going to be an undertaking too, but i'm hoping my consistent B's and all year round sports ( cross country, indoor track and spring track ) will get me into a proper college, even if it might not be a yale or harvard university

if any of you guys have any information, college recommendations, suggestions,... or life lessons you guys might of learned, im open to any of it::::28::

i'll throw in this poll too



  • burningattaburningatta Member Posts: 194

    well dude, is that all you have to offer yourself? or is that what you want to do. becasue trust me there are way better jobs out there other than what you have listed ( no offense ) you should try to either pursue other things that might make you a little bit happier than working on machinery you should go for it. it's not that hard. what typeof things interest you? if all of these things are actually what you want to be then give em' hell kid. but if i were you and had to choose one of those it would be hard. because first of all

    1. Who would you be letting down if you didnt take over the family business?

    2. And the most important one of all, which one do you think would make you the happiest?

    what i hink is that you should instead of asking other people for they're opinion on your future, do what you want and what you will be happiest with. ::::39::

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    Schools & Universities are usually WAY off what the job will be.


    Quite silly to see all those persons who spend YEARS studying to realize in 2 weeks they didnt like the job.


    This only prove that:  University is there to keep folks busy before anything else, it is a focus of attention.  Society want us busy.  If University where really about a good career building, such case would be almost unheard, they are pretty comon!


    Beside that, I would be ill placed to advice!  I am an exemple of the above!  image  Try to figure what you like and dont live in a bubble about what you think you are going to do, go on the field and annoy peoples doing that job to see what they are actually doing.  Be extremely annoying if you need in order to get a taste, it may save you years that you could spend more wisely...but again, society dont mind that much, otherwise the structures would be builded better, so do what you enjoy more!


    As to what is the best job...a janitor can think he have the best job on earth, and god forsake anyone that would be tempted to make him believe otherwise!

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  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268
    Find a path in life that makes you happy. If fixing things is your way then by all means go down that path. The most important thing when training for a future career is not always the amount of money you can make but if the job makes you happy and is something you can see your self doing for most of you adult life...


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  • LanmoragonLanmoragon Member Posts: 994

    Also it never hurts to get a degree. In a competitive job market like today, a degree will give you the edge you might need over somebody else.

    I would suggest if you already dont try working for your family company and see if its something you enjoy and can see yourself doing down the road. Although many see it as a slackers way out, you can always work for you family company and go to a junior university to try your hand at game design. That way you are seeing if you enjoy either one, or both, and can then make a decision.

    But just remember, no matter what career path you choose, more education can never hurt.

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