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The Hamidon

AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433
What are your views on the Hamidon?

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  • Aqua_GirlAqua_Girl Member Posts: 51
    Hamidon?? What is that... Is that a place... A Thing, weapon, custume, power? What is that...

    Good Day...

  • celdridgeceldridge Member Posts: 188

    I have been on one Hammi raid and that was enough for me. It is over crowded so much that the lag is horrible. You just go in, target another hero or hero's pet, put one of your powers on auto-fire, then wait anywhere from an hour to 30 minutes for Hammi to die. It is the only level 50 content that they have released and it sucks!

    Save you time, get with your super group and trade Hammi-Os between each other or buy them.

    There are enogh players out there that want to power level their alts on a Dreck run that you can get a Hammi-O from them.

    Besides, Statesman has already said at E3 that the Hammi-Os will be getting nerfed soon or in Issue 5.

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