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Looking for a Horde Guild on Blackrock

coolcloud368coolcloud368 Member Posts: 57

here are my toons stats:
Talent Spec 30/8/13 (Assassination/Combat/Subtlety) Ambush/Backstab Rogue. This rogue has a lot of + attack power items for maximum ambush and backstab damage.Melee weapons: Barman Shanker (great for backstab and ambush damage) and Bonescraper -- See Below. Ranged weapons: Gorewood Bow for PVE (with +7 damage) and the Ancient Bone Bow for PVP. Mix Armor/Weapon Sets: Shadowcraft/Devilsaur for a great mix of pvp/pve damage. Shadowcraft set: this rogue currently has 3/8 of the shadowcraft set -- cap, spaulders, tunic Devilsaur set: leggings and gauntlets Other items: regular undead skeletal mount (60% speed increase) and epic Purple Skeletal mount (100% speed increase), various trinkets and end-game blue items, two maxed 16-slot bags and remaining 14-slot bags with about 60g. This rogue is fully Molten Core/Onyxia ready, and has already participated in several such raids Also PVP honor system ready with a PVP build and PVP gear. Professions are First Aid (300) and Skinning (300).

World of Warcraft-Retired
(Blair 60 Warlock-Daggerspine)
RF Online-Downloading
Guild Wars-Retired
(Amazonsfinest 20 Warrior/Monk)

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