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One of the best MMO's

hotlanderhotlander Member UncommonPosts: 4

Posting this topic for promotional reason because i think this game is underestimated.

I've played many mmo's since late '90s and now I'm playing this mmo for about 8 months in total in less then a year.


One of the best mmo's because:


* a mature community in general. 

* Lots of people are willing to help other players  (some however, like me, are carefull with new players).

* You can own your own land and able to build anything on it like you do.

* You can make ingame money and pay a premiumaccount with it (non premium: skills are limited to 20/100).

* New content is added frequently.

* Weather effects, caused by sounds and graphics, give a natural feeling. 

* Noises from the area give a natural feeling. Like rippling water on a lakeside and howling wolfs in the forrests.

* Results are only caused by hard work.

* You can play the game solo if you want on a big mmo world (xanadu server).


Of course this game also has some con's like lagspikes. This is not happening during the whole day. You can keep playing when it happends.

Some stuff should get more attention how they look in combination with other objects. 






  • JabasJabas Member UncommonPosts: 1,248
    Playing 2 - 3h a day (around 20h a week), how long it takes to build a house? How "hard" is the "hard work"?
  • oldschoolpunkoldschoolpunk Member Posts: 281

    Life is Feudal is about to hit steam and seems to be a more grapically enticing, slightly better crafting/building game than Wurm with similar philosophy.  Also, you can build an army which is pretty cool too.

    Love Wurm too though :)

  • MavolenceMavolence Member UncommonPosts: 635
    I have been disgustingly addicted to this game for the past 2 weeks. Playing an obscene amount of hours i feel terrible about lol. It is an incredible game the grind is atrocious and i want to stop but I can't at the moment. Its starting to wear on me though for sure. Not sure how much longer i can keep it up but i've done things in this game i haven't done since UO and that is a great feeling. Cheers
  • hotlanderhotlander Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Originally posted by Jabas
    Playing 2 - 3h a day (around 20h a week), how long it takes to build a house? How "hard" is the "hard work"?


    When you enter the game you have already the necesary toolset to start with a simple wooden house. 

    Check is everyones guidance from new to experienced Wurmplayers.

  • RaybargRaybarg Member Posts: 8
    Originally posted by Jabas
    Playing 2 - 3h a day (around 20h a week), how long it takes to build a house? How "hard" is the "hard work"?

    Few years ago there was an argument this task of building basic house would take weeks for someone playing that amount... So I conducted a test, created new toon and ran trough the tutorial and pretended to be clueless newbie (basically every thing I wanted to do, I had to read from community wiki how to do that... for time-consumption simulation for not knowing what I am doing).


    First 5 hours of gameplay included the headless journeys trough "starter area" in high populated server in an attempt to find feasible free area to build a house in... production of all the materials, and building the house. Test result was clear that its possible within such a "short" time from the beginning of gameplay when character has no skills to begin with. Second house building would already be way faster as at lower skill levels building a house is raising skills up rapidly.

    Test result also was about how "fun" Wurm felt while doing so... being Wurm addict myself, my result if ofcourse biased, but on the other hand, if my result focus is on saying that sawing the planks and attaching them to the house walls was repetitive, slow and boring part of the experiment, it is probably true... but then again, I never was such a big on building houses.


    Simple answer to your question, second day playing Wurm and if nothing went wrong, you probably have your 1x1 tiny shed up already. Chances are you have to add a day or two because of spider-induced death, loss of your materials while offline, possible derailing focus on doing something not helping house construction; trying to find how to get food/water, wanting to build cart first, ... Times of being newbie in Wurm are definitely exciting, you should try it out. ;)

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