City of Heores update for Sep 11/2014

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    Hi there I know City of Heores fans out there  are in pain. knowing that I seen a lots of photos on the production zone creation had been fatastic eye candy! The news of the Unreal Engine 4 and waiting for the Ultra heavy war for 2015. CITY OF HEORES VS CITY OF TITANS! for now that is not going to happen is the bad news. However take it for what its worth. there is only 2  pwople working on recreating City of Heores from scratch.  I think the fans call it City of Heroes 1.5. well its not version 1.0 and not 2.0 What I do know is I did look at photos and its fantastic to look at. What I do know is they had been working with NCSOFT So that is a good sign. OH hell what the heck I am soing one of those picture that I loved to look at as my wall paper on my computer!  what I do know is people do want CIty of heroes to come out  fall this year. What I found out a possible launch og Alpha might be ready  late fall 2015 and might get lucky t oget bata at that time as well. the leadership and finance issues is not solved yet. So far the production work is far worse then snail mail when you have to allow 6 to 12 weeks for devlery . wait forever for a delviery.

This is there home page

I am going to spill the beans this one

 every burning questions that you might have for me. hold on.  do not ask. me about it. the first link is all the data I can find that is up to date. its all in there public forums. This is what I got and this is what I do know. its all there

I hope that Matt Miller gose over there and give his support. I love thw work that the LATE PARAGON STUDIOS had taken to work on COH making the game as great it can be and it created the soul to bring in COH fans like all of you.


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