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NA StormTalon Exile Dark Horse 1/6 Recruiting (Transfers Welcome)

KrimzinKrimzin Member UncommonPosts: 683

Dark Horse Progression Raiding

Apply at Dark Horse
Dark Horse is a Progression Raiding community recruiting for WildStar NA Exile 20M/40M.

OK lets be real. We have all heard and listened to players bad mouthing Wildstar. Who Cares? Not us. We are still raiding 3-4 nights a week. As with most guilds we have had our fair share of turnover but still manage to get shit done. We would love to find more people who have the same mindset. If you fit the bill, keep reading.

We are currently filing a roster for Dark Horse.
We are looking for players who have the ability to work as a TEAM. If you arent a Team Player then you are not the droid we are looking for. You succeed or you fail.. As a TEAM.


Dark Horse Raid Schedule:
Tues,Wed,Thur 9pm-12am EST ( 6pm-9pm PST)

We only get 3 hours a night for a total of 9 hours a week to do work. We have to maximize efficiency of our time if we want to be the best.

Loot Rules
DKP rules all. With it comes no Bias and no Favoritism.. Attendance is rewarded.

Attendance/Commitment is Key:
Since we only raid 3 hours a night, we have to be on time.. ready to raid.. and focused.

Are you the best? Do you know your class. We are looking for players who can evolve. Wildstar is new so no one will be perfect, but we want players who can learn.

Are you ready to raid?

Being ready to raid means: studying your class before the raid, studying the boss/trash encounters before the raid, knowing both specs your class can use before the raid, having consumables ready before the raid, gear repaired before the raid, having your gear runed before for the raid, emptying your bladder/colon before the raid, having food/drinks IRL before the raid and getting rid of distractions before the raid.

Am I hurting my team? Impeding the raids use of time is what can hurt the team the most. Whether it is being late, not knowing the fights, AFKing, getting food, going to the bathroom, not paying 100% attention, not following instructions, not striving for personal growth and not being a team player it all comes to impeding the raids use of effective time to competitively progress.

Is there a test? My officers and I plan on seeing what each player is capable of and will run a 5 man to do just that. Sounds stressful right? Nah, it will be a blast.

Chat sever: Mumble is REQUIRED

Progression raids (both 20/40) will be pushed hard and additional time might be requested during these raids to remain a competitive guild. While content is on farm, the schedule will naturally be shortened due to lack of content.

Apply @ http://darkhorseguild.com/
Contact: In Game contact RockHound or Krimzin for more info.

Dark Horse Progression Raiding

Just because I'm a gamer doesn't mean I drive a Honda.

Best Duo Ever


  • KrimzinKrimzin Member UncommonPosts: 683

    Moving to Stormtalon until the Megaserver.
    Still looking for solid players.
    Transfers Welcome.

    Just because I'm a gamer doesn't mean I drive a Honda.

    Best Duo Ever
  • KrimzinKrimzin Member UncommonPosts: 683

    Raiding tonight..

    Just because I'm a gamer doesn't mean I drive a Honda.

    Best Duo Ever
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