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Best gaming community ever

awozawoz Member Posts: 48

Illyriad is a blast to play if you're a house wife and all you want to do is chat all day. The community is very good, a lot of very nice people, a great number of house wives that are very into chatting. There is essentially no pvp because the community doesn't tolerate it. Attack someone and the anger of all those house wives couldn't be greater, and their huge armies they've been maintaining and not using for anything for YEARS will come down upon you. Now, when I played I was not suicidal, I figured out real fast that the PVP was a no-no in the community and stayed far away from that. It is not a pvp game, stop lying.

The game is so slow to come through with promised changes. For instance the majority of items such as minerals, herbs and hides that you can find in the game DO NOTHING and have no use. And it's been that way for a very, very long time.  Crafting only requires a very few of the items, the rest have no use. So there are mineral mines all over the map and the great majority are useless. But they few that are not were claimed long ago and have armies on them. And it's totally against the community to try and take one of those mines, that is such a completely foreign idea to them they're aghast anyone would even suggest it.

They keep promising they'll fix this and make the items found in the game actually useful for something, guess what, no action. They're out of the UK, and they're not known for being real production orientated. It's a very sleepy little game group. Expansions are very rare. Changes are very rare. Bug fixes are very rare.

To give one example, as the seasons change so does your production, just like in real life, in the winter a farm produces less, great idea. Problem is this year they had to send out an email, unofficially, reminding people that unless you built something the seasonal change would not take effect, and that the bug had been reported last year and a year had gone by with no action. And what is telling about that is this, they have to tell everyone to produce something, change a building or make a soldier, anything because most of them never do, they just have their 10 cities, and they log on every day, and chat. And that's all they ever do. I asked several of the most well known people, one of whom is one their new player council, what do you do in the game? And they were all very honest, "all we do is chat each day and see our friends". They don't do anything else. Ever.  It's bizarre. And no I was not banned or something, I'm not disgruntled, it's just a dead end game with no point to it other than a glorified chat room. The sad thing, to me, is it could have great potential. The base of the game is really good and compelling. The fact you can lose your city is a big deal and one of the reasons I played it so long. But this is no Tribal Wars, no one is going to take your city and you'll never lose it. So there is no risk, and no reward.

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