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It's finally over for SQO

It's with mixed feelings that I post that the publisher that's hosted StarQuest Online for the past 3(?) years is going under.  The server still was up last time we checked, but it's not being kept up by a company anymore.  As soon as the dude running the comp feels like it, the server for the game will go down permanently.

The writing was on the wall back in late 2009 when the devs threatened to shut down the servers unless emergency donations were made.  Eventually a publisher was brought onboard to help, but the developers jumped ship not long after the publisher started running the game on one of their servers.  Ever since then, the game's been paralyzed in terms of adding new content or fixing the numerous bugs that always plagued us devoted players, as the publisher didn't have access to the source code.

There's been drama, good times, and bad times along the way, but I think all of us who played StarQuest Online (SQO) will be sad to see it go.  It certainly executed a lot of things poorly, but the gameplay potential behind SQO was enormous, and the game constantly called you back unlike anything else once you saw what the game could do in theory.  It truly was the ultimate sandbox space MMO, and it was certainly a decade ahead of its time.  No game's gameplay comes anywhere close to the depth that SQO offered.  Because of that, it's been really hard for me to feel impressed by any MMO I've played since. I strongly suspect we won't see this kind of depth again for many years to come.


Rest in peace, Starquest Online.  May your spiritual successor arise sooner rather than later.





  • CaldrinCaldrin Member UncommonPosts: 4,505
    The game was a great idea but was super clunky and very outdated before it even released.. I always hoped the devs would try and develop a new version of the game in a new engine.
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